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Emily's big day approaches and here's your chance to join in on the celebration. Enjoy the fun of Delicious as never before in a heartwarming experience of 25 weekly episodes filled with love, laughs, and friendship. With new features, events, characters, and so much more, this wonderful rollercoaster ride is certain to keep you cheering each week until the very end. Tune in each week to catch the newest episode and see what's happening on Emily's path to wedded bliss.

Why Emily went episodic; GameHouse talks the release of Delicious - Emily’s Wonder Wedding

Jul 17, 2012

When it comes to popular time management franchises nowadays, few manage to hit as high a note as the Delicious/Emily series.  But while fans are usually clamouring to cook up the latest hot dish in her kitchen, the latest release in the series has some diners asking to see a manager.  The problem?  The episodic nature of Emily’s Wonder Wedding.

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Delicious - Emily's Wonder Wedding Review

Jul 12, 2012

Question: What’s more stressful than a wedding? Answer: a borderline evil mother-in-law who looms over said wedding. And what’s worse than that mother-in-law? Answer: a wedding mixed with an overbearing mother-in-law, and then topped with Irish superstition. Emily’s Wonder Wedding tells a drama-filled story about a young Irish-American girl whose upcoming wedding is seemingly doomed by pushy relatives, bad luck, a conflicted groom, and the shadow of an ex-girlfriend. Oh, yeah, and there’s a time management game in there somewhere, too.

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