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User review by Pedrovinsky


Emily's True Love foi um avanço ainda maior para o jogo. Emily ganha ainda mais carisma, e os restaurantes são simplesmente impecáveis e bem planejados. A jogabilidade das fases é excelente, trilha sonora é mais agradável que a versão anterior. Enfim, é um jogo muito bom, com uma história engraçada, romântica e bem desenvolvida. A dificuldade do jogo é o ponto alto e as decorações se tornaram mais objetivas: elas definem se você lucrará mais ou não, pois algumas dão mais velocidade no andar, no preparar dos alimentos, aumentam a gorjeta ou aumentam a paciência dos clientes.

User review by littleone2008


Pretty good game, I must say. Great story and visuals to which I was able to play on this 2005 pc (considered a classic computer in car years).

The story captures the gamer to want to keep on playing.

Also I like the way the gamer can replay to get the "cash" for upgrades. Also, do not forget that now the "entertainer" can go entertain the person sitting at the bar area. (of course, this probably was available in previous "Delicious" game, which I have not been able to get at yet)

It has options of difficulties though I have just tried the normal setting.

With this dial-up I have right now, I had better sign off on this review before the 28kbs cuts me off :(

All in all, I am glad I have been able to enjoy playing this time-management game.

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User review by RavenTanapVillanueva


I Am Raine, And I'm Appeared On Day 8 In The First Restaurant (Emily's Place).

I Was Joined To Delicious 5th Anniversary Photo Editing Contest Last September 2011 On Facebook. My Entry Was The Background With Hearts, Picture Of Emily With Her Doll, Dolly In Delicious 6: Emily's Childhood Memories And The Message Says "Happy Birthday Emily! We Love You!" I Won Because I Have Many Likes And It's Beautiful. I Check The E-Mail And Gamehouse Europe Says "Bring A Picture Of Yourself". When I Watch The Walkthrough On Youtube, It's-A-Me! Raine! I Very Shocked I Was A Character.

In The Game, It Was Perfect Than The Previous Game. Love The Storyline, Graphics, Music, And Myself. There Was A Minigame On The 5th Restaurant (Emily's Place 2). Boring. Now, There Was A Happy Ending When They Taste The Chocolates. I Can't Get The Trophy "Let Me Entertain You". It's That A Glitch? I Entertain Some Seated People But Nothing Given. Found All Mouses, Earned Chocolates, And More. I Am Played In Premium Edition.

What's New: Episodes From TV Show, Wallpapers, Items, Levels And Chocolates.
What's Missing: Gamehouse Objects.

Game Was 5 Stars!
Artwork Was 5 Stars!
Music Was 5 Stars!
All Has 5 Stars! Excellent!

Watch Out For Me In Day 8 (The Big Day) In Emily's Place!

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User review by s-faryad


g41 2qq

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User review by ArtsyG1RL


I'll keep my review short and sweet, mainly because I wanna get right back to playing.

Delicious - Emily's True Love is just what any Delicious fan would expect from a love-based addition to the series. As always, I found the storyline to be refreshing, and certainly entertaining; at times, I would risk a lower score and try to speed the gameplay up just to see what would happen with the story next. I don't exactly think it was as good as the stories to the previous installments, but I'd still give the storyline an A+. The gameplay was no different than any other Delicious game, keeping a good pace and well-balanced difficulty between each level. Locations are varied, sensible upgrades, and cute customers. Overall, I found this a refreshing take for TM fans - Gamehouse certainly did not disappoint with this installment!

Gameplay - A
Storyline - A
Features - B
Graphics - A
Music & Sound effects - B
Overall - A

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User review by jyannis


TM games have never been my thing but Delicious is one exception. I love the series from the first game - love the characters, the writing, the restaurants and the way achievements/mice hunting is styled for replayability.

The latest edition of Delicious stays true to what endeared it to me in the first place: cute, colourful, highly polished graphics with great restaurant settings and snazzy-looking food to be served efficiently. The difficulty tends to increase across restaurants - the fifth one is particularly challenging with the lasagna and other foods (the crepes) needing more care to prepare. Other tasks popped up in between restaurant management that adds to gameplay/story. Achievement trophies come in form of cute chocolates. Sure, there's nothing new in the gameplay mechanics but the game makes use of a successful and enjoyable formula.

Now, the story. Emily goes off chasing her lost love and it's all sugary sweet. But - and this is truly subjective - I didn't enjoy the story as much as I did with the previous installments. Sure, it's still fun. But I'm sad at the lack of Francois (whom I LOVE - he only appears in first/fifth restaurant in a minor role). I'm sad at the lack of continuity with Emily's love interests. The whole plot of chasing a fifteen-year-old crush...just doesn't seem to *work* for me. Richard was an ass and Paul was whiny (from Emily's Holiday Season) but I somehow like them better, and they seemed to have more personalities than the new guys in this game.

CE extras for gameplay includes 10 extra levels (Francois' perspective when Emily was in Europe) and bonus items for restaurants plus the usuals of SG etc.

Overall - this is still a great TM game with great graphics and gameplay and a story, frankly, that isn't bad. I still had a great deal of fun playing this and WILL replay this. Thing is, as an installment to the series, it disappoints slightly as far as character progression go. 3.75 stars.

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User review by princess_josie


I got to test the game in beta and there were changes to the live version. I love the storyline. I know what it's like to get a lost letter in the mail. Emily had a better time and better luck at the end.LOL. Paris , love it! Francois is back and better than ever. em's Mom still grates or her ( and Mine) nerves and I can't wait when another installment comes out. Maybe Emily's husband will be doing the work while Emily waits for a special delivery (baby).

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User review by mimi88


Love the game but had to admit some are quite repetitive.
Corny storyline, it's a bit farfetched to go to Paris to rekindle with an old flame based on an old letter, but it's Paris, right ? Any excuse will do.
Corny dialogues, but tolerable. Francois had some great lines.
Not many challenges except on those "lasagna days".
Like the storyline, was rooting for Patrick the whole time :) That part of Angela marrying the older guy doesn't really make sense. But at least got to see Emily wearing a bridesmaid dress that's not of her primary colours of green and orange and white polka dots.
Some of the trophies are a bit confusing, but after a few tries finally received all of them. Not really sure how.
The ending credits are worth waiting for :)
What's missing: The Easter Eggs where you could find a Gamehouse icon/symbol of their other games cleverly hidden in some of the restaurants.

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User review by jennymo


I honestly cannot understand how some are reviewing the game so poorly based on...storyline. Really? I guess I am the only one who wishes they could skip all of the dialogue altogether. I mean, the storyline is fun the first time you play, but after that who cares? I am also not understanding how some are finding the trophies confusing and hard to achieve. I actually found them hugely improved over past editions. I love that you can get them all without having to replay multiple levels, and I love that you earn money when you replay a level. My only complaint is that I do wish every level had some kind of an extra challenge. Other than that, I have loved the game. I would give it 4 and half stars if I could.

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User review by Pumpkin1974


DISCLAIMER: I played the free demo.

At last, the long awaited new edition to the Delicious series has arrived, and it was well worth the wait.

We finally get to see Emily's restaurant after, what, five games? Well, about time, I say. If you've played any of the Delicious games before, the you'll recognize familiar characters like her parents, sister, and Francois, though there are a couple of new faces, like Patrick, the florist. The gameplay is largely the same, also. You still have to prepare food and you get to buy upgrades for the restaurant. There are a few new customers, too. As always, the graphics are wonderful. I really like the interaction between Emily and her family; it's very true to life. What mother isn't looking to get her daughters married off, eagerly anticipating grandchildren?

Unfortunately, this game wasn't as perfect an experience as I expected. The gameplay was just like the previous games Taste of Fame and Holiday Season. I can understand them not wanting to fix what's not broken, but a little divergence wouldn't have hurt. Secondly, that trip to France to see a guy she hasn't heard from in SIXTEEN YEARS just made no sense! Couldn't they have come up with a better plot device than that? It would have been better if they had brought in the characters from the earlier games instead of going off on such a wild tangent.

Despite these relatively minor problems, this game is guaranteed to give you several hours of great fun, and deserves the 4.5 stars I'm giving it.

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