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User review by Pedrovinsky


Exige muita paciência para o jogador. Apesar de ser ainda melhor graficamente, Emily's Tea Garden tem uma jogabilidade lenta e simplesmente igual a da versão 2, exceto os ratos. Pra quem queria um jogo mais agitado, decepciona bastante.

User review by lolaliloo


This is my least favorite delicious game..its fun at first then it gets way too hard cause the ppl have no patience, and the upgrades are not useful,
did not like the posh restaurant or the seafood place they looked the same..other then that ,,the Delicious franchise are my favorite...except that one :P

User review by Diskette66


Very sweet and fun game. Feels like home.

User review by brenissa55


Delicious is one of the best TM game series! Tea Garden is my second favorite in the serious (Holiday being the first). Like all of the Delicious games, Tea Garden is funny, addicting, and very cute. The Delicious games are a must-have for TM lovers!

User review by martinwife-2007


i love all of the emilys time management game but this one i can't get to full screen, all the other play in full screen what' going on with this one? i have to give a 1star do to this

User review by paula123



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User review by arcadiarose


Much like the other Delicious games; no real innovations. Still very fun. The mouse was cute and the tea garden itself was a lovely location. I also had problems with the juices in the tea garden not coming off the machines when I clicked on them.

User review by Gaelle


A good game but very similar to the two first. It would have been nice to know about the mouse before I clicked on it just to see! But still very enjoyable!

User review by M2Cute4Jerks


I enjoyed this game. I like these games because you can replay them. Locating the mice are a cute touch :) Same people from other 2 games.

User review by Aquamarina


i only played the demo,but I loved it so far! I loved the other 2,as well. I don't like any of the dash games AT ALL,but these are some of my favorites. I don't know it I can wait for BFG or Shockwave to pick it up.I was so bummed when the trial was over.

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