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The Restaurant Level 3 Cookies and Mouse Guide

The cookies are circled in red and the mouse has a blue star around it. Please use the control + feature to zoom in the picture. Enjoy!
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Campsite Level 9 Soda Cans Picture

Hey everyone. After much searching I found all the soda cans in this level. Thought I would share it with you all!The sodas are highlighted in red circles. This is the biggest size I am allowed to download so you may have to use the control + feature to zoom in the screen.
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gamehouse objects!!!

hi guy's hope you can help me I just missed ONE object!!!! pleaaaseeeee :'(
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Mice and general info

In settings, I usually turn the music down, and sounds up. LIsten for him to sqeak, and then hit menu to pause the game while you look. Strange in this game however, that the mouse is still available on every level after being found the first time, and I think is needed to reach the expert level...
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Hello everybody. I know were the mice are hidden. I don't know if it's usefull to put it on here, becauwe you have an stragetybook in the game itself. If it's not usefull, well, sorry Farm IGardenCampgroundThe ItalianFarm IIWell, hope this can be usefull if you don't know how to find the..
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In-level bonus games

Each restaurant has an in-level memory bonus game. I do not know the reward from them. Keep in mind that for some restaurants you may have to purchase an upgrade to get it. Read on if you wanna know what triggers them in each restaurant.
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