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User review by sotong


Very good game. Lovely & beautiful graphics with lots of attention to details. Really liked and enjoyed the story which was very interesting. Gameplay & puzzles were easy, although some were a little challenging.

Really enjoyed this game.

User review by sannie


I fell completely in love with Boomzap's games when I played the Awakening series, so when I heard about this new game I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Sure enough, Death at Fairing Point did not disappoint.

The game is extremely solid and substantial, as you might expect--you never forget what you're doing or why, unlike many other hidden object / point and click games where you end up straying from the main storyline with pointless searches. The puzzles are varied and challenging enough to keep things interesting without becoming too frustrating, and even the hidden object scenes are kept fresh with a few little twists here and there. I never felt like the game was dragging on too long in one location, and I kept wanting to find out what happened next. At first I even thought it might be too easy for me, but I was delightfully surprised when the game lasted me a good four hours.

Some might have complaints about the story being too bland, but I found it satisfying--it did a good job of holding the game together and making you hooked without being too convoluted and without being too 'supernatural', as other games in the genre tend to be. That said, I recommend the Collector's Edition if you want the loose ends in the plot tied up; if you care less about the story than you do the puzzle-solving, then you might want to forgo it as it only adds about half an hour of gameplay.

The art is beautiful, detailed, and delightfully consistent as always, and the music sets the mood without overpowering the scenes or becoming too annoying and repetitive.

Highly recommended if you like adventure, point and click, and puzzle games. I certainly enjoyed it and I can't wait to play the next in the series.

User review by Violatrix


Even though I cannot call myself a “love stories” fan, and even though there’s nothing really innovative in this HOG, I must admit I did enjoy spending a few hours playing it. It’s not a hard HOG even though I sometimes missed the fast hint recharging some other games of the same kind have and an immediate strategy guide. As a pro, it can be played with kids despites there are ghosts involved: they are just guides, nothing scary. Con: the bonus chapter is really hard to play, many puzzles are not explained properly and you have to consult the SG in order to understand how they are meant to be solved trying not to throw a glance at the solution… and you often you do not find an explanation to your questions on “how to”.

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User review by TnTexas


Overall Impression: a well-planned, beautifully executed iHOG/Adventure blend

-- The graphics were crisp and clear with warm, inviting colors.
-- The voiceovers were limited but well-done and added to the story.
-- The music fit the story and added to the ambience.
-- The storyline was developed through dialogue and cutscenes - both of which were skippable. It was coherent throughout and had an ending that not only made sense, but was satisfying as well.
-- Because the game is divided into well-defined chapters, the to-ing and fro-ing in this iHOG/Adventure blend is kept to a minimum.
-- The objects in the HOG scenes were crisp and clear, and the hints were unlimited.
-- The puzzles/minigames fit into the story and were skippable after a certain amount of time.
-- The bonus gameplay in the collector's edition was truly extra and not what should have been the ending of the regular game. It was an epilogue to the main story and was the same length as the other chapters in the game.

-- The hint and skip buttons took a bit too long to reload.

Will Probably Appeal to: those who enjoy iHOG/Adventure blends, romance and mysteries

Will Probably Not Appeal to: to those who prefer straight HOGs

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User review by gobaba


Thinking this game was going to be a syrupy love story, I avoided it for the longest. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a well-told murder mystery with some decent plot twists, all packed in a puzzle/adventure heavy--HO scene light game. Graphics are clear and scenes are beautiful and plentiful.

The puzzles are a little repetitive and range from simple jigsaw to some very challenging head-scratchers. There are two modes of play, and advanced is enough to satisfy those who don't like much direction. Playtime is long at 5-6 hours if you're not in a hurry. HO scenes are clear though objects can be small at times. Music was sad and wistful, aproppos to theme. Only voice-over is the novelist, the rest is dialogue that can be skipped through.

I highly recommend this game for its strong storyline, adventure emphasis, pleasing scenery and for anyone who is sick of asylums, haunted houses, and vampires.

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User review by Pumpkin1974


This has to be one of the best games I've played in a while. Just about every aspect of the game is most excellent. The graphics are suburb, the storyline is engrossing, and it features a nice mix of mini-games. Even though the game is a murder mystery, there is nothing off putting whatsoever about it. No bloody scenes, no severed heads, no deranged axe-welding manics that suddenly burst out of the bushes, just a wonderful adventure/HOG that will keep you playing to the end.

I think this game is well worth a try, even a buy.

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User review by Shecat


Good game. The story actually makes sense and all the adventure, puzzles and HOGs follow the story. The graphics are nice, the voice-overs suitable to the characters (and not too much of it either) and the music is in the background and quiet so it doesn't overcome the gameplay.

The puzzles are interesting, make you think but not too hard to become frustrating. Very nice. Not too many HOGs but in this case it was very nice to have lots of interest other than finding objects.

Overall a lovely game with no cons at all.

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User review by SteveZissou


This game is one of the cleverest HOG/puzzle games I've played so far. I found the puzzles to be fairly standard but challenging and the items to be found fit in easily with the context for the story. (for the most part) The story itself is a throwback to the Golden Age of Mystery and Agatha Christie fans are sure to find this game a delight as the story unfolds during fairly lengthy game play. No content seems to be forced in and the music doesn't make me want to take a drill to my head so I deem it an all around great package.

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User review by vmhvampir


I loved this game it's one of my all time faves, I loved the story,game was nice and long,puzzels were very fair and not rediculousy hard,ho's were also fair and not to little to see. I can't wait for the next Dana Knightstone Novel.

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User review by chasseur


What I admired most about this game is the lack of gore, blood and guts, and not a single creepy doll w/ wandering eyes. It is about time, that someone took the chance to produce a causal intelligent game that does not rely on the spectral, the overly mystical, or a clumsy "moral message" morality theme.

All the scenes are richly rendered. The storyline is complete and comes to a satisfying conclusion. This story is viewed through the eyes of an analytical writer looking for a source of inspiration for a novel. She stumbles on evidence of a long ago romance that was scarred by murder or suicide. She becomes curious and being imaginative, sets out to solve the mystery of what actually happen. This is one of the few games I have played where the actual final emotional climax is reached playing the last puzzle of the bonus material in the CE edition.

The music bed is not overly melodramatic though can become a little repetitive while solving some of the puzzles.

The HOG scenes are rather difficult and time consuming because the HO are so cleverly hidden, even though they are right practically right in front of your nose.

There is no endless back and forth as the chapter aspect of the story confines the action and searchable scenes.

The puzzles are easy, medium and difficult. They are nicely done, though they are no more than the standard puzzles in any casual game.

This review is based on the CE edition. I knocked of 1/2 star for lack of variety of puzzles, and 1/2 for "help-me-do" scenes, one of my pet peeves.

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