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User review by Joy Hitt


I have enjoyed this game very much and hope to start another one from Edgar soon. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User review by aitchie


I am surprised Gamezebo score wasn't higher - thought this was a fantastic game worth 5 stars for sure. Interesting storyline, well designed with lots to explore but not too much running around that you get lost as each chapter is around only one or two areas. Nice HOG scenes and lots of puzzles to figure out from objects you collect along the way.

Nice and long, but not so much you get bored. Looking forward to playing the other one in the series now.

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User review by Michellyna Gold


Before i started the game, i read the real story of E. A. Poe "The Black Cat".. for reminder :P

Excellent game! I played it 4 days :P
Loved the lenght, graphics and a bit changed story line. When i started the game i got stuck almost in every step :D But then i got used with the whole atmosphere and it was much easier.
I think that the mansion should've been a bit more complex (like Princess Isabellas castle was) and the grounds too. Mini puzzles were normal and i managed all of them by myself.

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User review by ladybugg


It has a good balance of hidden object and puzzles scenes. I like it all through, the music, graphics and the story line.

User review by gobaba


Outstanding in length, clear graphics, beautiful & tremendous variety of scenery, choice of difficulty, interesting & compelling story, fresh take on mini-games and clear HO appropriate to the setting. I couldn't put it down. Good mix of adventure-HOG, though my personal preference is adventure. BUT the bonus extended play in the CE was not long enough or compelling enough to warrant the extra $$. It's a superb game but wait & spend $6.99.

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User review by gruesomegull


A very good game enjoyed playing. alot of puzzles and ho scenes, Played in 2 days about 3- 4 hours per day.After playing this game I really feel like I have just been all over the grounds and house of a old estate plus abit of aboat ride and repair work along the way.Enjoyed the story much more than the first. Where to go from here having played most of the lastest games like this-Elixir of immortality- Love and death,bitten-nightfull mysteries all of them also redrum 1 and 2 puppetshow 1 and 2. reincarnations uncover the past or robins quest are the only games that people seem to have enjoyed which i havenot played yet. Gone are the days of a nice surprise of a game like The Odyssey-winds of Athena or even Devastation zone troopers. A big thankyou to bigfish games and shockwave. My credit at bigfish games will now sit untill somethink good comes along or a good $2.99 special appears.Thankyou for all the reviews they really help if I buy or not. happy gaming: )

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User review by jones


This is a WOW game! Like everyone else is saying: Buy it you'll love it! ERS Studios, yes, outstanding game developer and I buy their games as soon as they come out, don't even complete the trial 60 minutes, just know I'll get immersed in the game. Awesome!

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User review by elldee


As an astute BFG user reviewer noted, if it's from ERS Studios, it's pretty much an automatic "buy." This game very nicely ties in adventure with hidden objects with inventory, not to mention the Edgar Allan Poe "spookiness" (but not "scariness"). I really liked how the opening menu screen was done (especially the choice of cursors). The sound effects are as nature intended (meaning very realistic), and the background music is fitting (sometimes soothing, sometimes suspenseful) and generally appropriate to the scene. The cursor changes are good and give a nudge in the right direction (magnifying glass, hand, etc.) and the "sparkles" help without giving true adventurers too much assistance. The built-in strategy guide (no exiting to the main menu) is a definite plus in my book. The graphics are A+, from twinkling stars to water running in the sewers.

Some games make us feel like 3rd-party observers--this one enlists us as THE important character in the story. What's not to like? I say, if you've never bought a CE b4, this should be your first one!

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User review by chasseur


This game is a no brainer. . . just buy it and spend some time in France. There is a lot to look at, a lot of places to visit, and many different things to do. If you look carefully, in many of the scenes you will find tributes to many literary detectives and their creators. In one scene I found a rendering of Mr. Poe himself. You will just have to find him yourself.

Initailly, the HO scenes are not stuffed w/ extraneous objects. As you follow the story, the scenes become more cluttered, as if one is assimilating the clues but cannot see the solution because there is not yet enough concrete info to draw a sound conclusion. As you return to visit the HO scenes you remove more and more of the clutter, opening up "mental space" as it were, in order to solve the mystery.

Here are my caveats: The cursor can be very picky when attempting to put objects together. My best advice is to click exactly where indicated by a a v/ brief light cue. I thought I was going to reach through the screen and grab the gear I needed when I could not put the magnet just so.

The Music: Puhleeze! I just got back from Venice where the exact same score was being played over and over and over.

I would have given this game five stars because of how effortlessly and seamlessly the story and the gaming experience unfolded. Using rooms previously barred from exploration in the main story as location for the bonus game was brill. Buy it! You'll like it! Just turn off the music and turn the sound effects volume up. That black cat sounds great at full volume!

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User review by Pammerjo


Best Game I've played in a while. Great mix of adventure and HOG and GREAT graphics! Puzzles were easy, which I like because I play the games to DE-stress, instructions were clear or goals were self-explanitory.

Two thumbs up - worth the extra $$.

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