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Fly hero dog Bravo to victory in the Daredogs air combat tournament.Daredogs - Play for free and save dogs all over the world!Equip your tennisball cannon, jump in the air plane and fly like an ace! Help Bravo lead his team into victory in the rough Daredogs tournament. We will give away 10% of our income to chosen dog shelters and other pet based charities. Should we breach the 5 million download mark, we will bump that up to 20%! Visit http://daredogs.fi for more information. Like us at Facebook!: http://www.facebook.com/DaredogsYour hero dog in this game is named Bravo. His father was a Daredogs pilot, battling it out up in the sky. Each day Bravo would look up and see his father fly and win in an acrobatic aerial display, until one day he was shot down by Rocco. There were many accusations of foul play, but none of them would bring Bravos father back. Now all that remains is joining the tournament and taking back the Daredogs trophy from Rocco. Don't worry, Bravo is not in this alone. Fly different air planes with the four unique dog characters in this game!Fight in four different game modes: Race, Dog fight, Capture the Bone, Pirate heist and Bossfights! FEATURES* 4 different game modes* 4 different playable dog characters* Too many unique weapons to count on your hands!* 25 unique tournament opponents* 7 unique tournament bosses* Newscast* Bashing between characters and opponentsFind out more at: http://daredogs.fi

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