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Good game play, "BUT"

1. Moderation staff are racial bias.

2. Forum name not match exact with the game name = Ban.

3. Accursed moderator bias = Ban.

4. Moderator are in-game player with too much power.

5. chatting too fast or too much in either IRC/forum (remember not spamming ) = ban.

6. cannot post name like YouTube/image shack/Google, etc basically you can't mention anything other cybernation related or you can get ban.

7. Ban appeal board "You are not allowed to visit this forum. " good luck try to appeal when you can't access the appeal.

8. Moderator aka players don't following TOS themselves.

9. asking Moderator to delete your account, when you either decide to restart or quit = Ban.

10. Allow certain people to have multi accounts.

game might be good, but too easily to get ban from this game. next time you decide to declare war against someone, he might be an Moderator.

1/5 is the lowest i could give.

Don't waste your time.

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