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In Cubistry, players control a cube of cubes using their mouse and/or keyboard to find cubes with matching textures. Clicking on cubes with matching textures then makes them disappear. Clear the cube of cubes to win the game and, if done quickly enough, beat the previous record time.

Cubistry Review

Aug 22, 2012

The first time I ever experienced Mahjong solitaire was when it came pre-loaded on a family computer. It wasn’t the kind of game I was used to, but I still found myself entranced by its tile-matching gameplay. I’ve not played it much since then, but I’ve been pairing all sorts of tiles and bubbles in the interim. As such, I approached Cubistry with an immediate sense of familiarity. Its world may be 3D, its appearance overwhelmingly vibrant, but deep down I knew what had to be done: these tiles needed to be destroyed.

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