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By Art Green | Jul 2, 2012 |

Game Introduction - CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a game developed by BossAlien that has players competing in a number of drag racing events. Gamezebo’s CSR Racing strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats on how to win.

Quick Start Guide

  • CSR Racing can be found by clicking the “Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • Early on in the game, you’ll be met by this lady to get yourself a ride:

  • You’ll get a number of choices of makers, but not a whole lot of brands.  This will be your starter car—I went with an Audi, but at this stage, just go with what you like the look of the most.

CSR Racing

  • Here is the basic screen that you will be met with when you first get into the game.  When you first start out, there are really only two things you need to be concerned with / watching for.  
  • The first is the gas pedal, which in street drag racing is probably going to be fairly important.  You’ll want to be holding this down at all times during races.  That’s the easy part. The hard part comes in the form of the blue “up” arrow—that is your gear shifter.  
  • When shifting, don’t pay attention to the RPM screen as much as to the prompts that the game gives you.  
  • Shifting, especially early on, is the single most important element of the game.
  • The prompts will help you time your shifts, and a perfect shift will give you the edge in besting your opponents early on in the game (though, to be fair, you shouldn’t have too much of an issue in the first couple of races).
  • Until you get a nitrous upgrade, it’ll be good practice for you to have your hands positioned on the right side of your phone to be close to the pedal/shifter.  Otherwise, your left hand will be out of position and you will be slow on shifting, costing you valuable speed.
  • Once you get the nitrous boost, wait to use it until you’re in fourth gear.  
  • Especially early on, you won’t be racing far enough to get into fifth gear, and you’ll want that boost towards the end of the race to give you the biggest advantage, allowing you to close out strong.

CSR Racing

  • Pay attention to these types of hints in-game; they will be valuable in gaining mastery of the mechanics.
  • To add a little perspective to this particular hint, tap the pedal prior to starting until your gauge is in the 3-4 RPM range.  After that, put pedal to the metal when you get the green light!

CSR Racing

  • As you can see (slightly!), this race will give you $500 cash for a win.
  • These races, and the other races that I’ll take you through, are essential to pass before you take on, and race with race crews.

CSR Racing

  • Here is one of the last crews you’ll battle.  This crew and the four crews before it will have the same number of underlings before you get to the ringleader.  In between that, you’ll have a number of other types of races.

 CSR Racing

  • Ladder races will be your bread and butter to gain cash.  Ladder races operate in that they get progressively harder as you advance.  The harder they get, the more cash you receive.

CSR Racing

  • There are also three “daily races”, which will be very beneficial to you.  These three races, like ladder races, get progressively harder; the cash prizes, however, are far and away better than those you'll find in your ladder races.

 CSR Racing

  • Lastly, there are “challenge” races that will test the limit of your abilities.  These are very tough races, but the cash rewards are great if you’re on your game.

CSR Racing

  • This is what you’re racing for and earning cash for—upgrades. 
  • There are seven upgrades that you can purchase. Here is the skinny on what these upgrades do for you.
    • Engines: Adds power (raw, basespeed)
    • Turbo: Adds power (raw, base speed)
    • Intake: Adds power (raw, base speed)
    • Nitrous:  Adds power, but slightly different from the previous three upgrades.  Instead of add raw speed, purchasing nitrous puts a N2O icon your screen, as pictured:
  • CSR Racing
    • Body:  Reduces weight (which will add speed); this will also reduce grip of your car.  Reducing grip makes it harder to gain speed early on in the race unless you have a perfect start.  A less-than-perfect start with an upgraded body will result in you spinning your tires—better grip obviously helps with this.
    • Tires: Can counteract the bodywork that you do. Better tires, better grip, which reduces the aforementioned tire spinning.
    • Gearbox: Reduces weight.
  • If you don’t upgrade your vehicle, getting through the later races will be extremely difficult.  Earn cash, upgrade your car and you will progress seamlessly.
  • If you don’t have a big desire to work your tail off on these races, like all other freemium games, you can purchase your way to success.
  • There are two currency systems: cash and gold.

CSR Racing     CSR Racing

  • The prices for both cash and gold are the same

CSR Racing

  • Cash can be used only for upgrades, while gold is spent on cars.  

CSR Racing

  • As you would expect, the better the car, the more expensive they will be for you to purchase.
  • If you want to purchase cars without spending cash, there are few ways that you can earn some gold.
  • The first and easiest way is to play the game, level up (by winning races and upgrading your car).  Every level gives you one gold and some cash.

CSR Racing


  • Signing into Facebook (and giving the game access to your Facebook data) also earns you a gold piece.

CSR Racing

  • You can also earn cash by posting Facebook updates as you level and beat racers.




You have completed the quick start guide to CSR Racing by BossAlien! Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!






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