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Crime City is a Facebook game where you can rise through the ranks of the mafia and take over the city in this next gen crime game! Build up your hood, do jobs, and fight other players!

If You Build It, They Will Come: Getting to a Hit Game by Listening to Your Players

Aug 20, 2013

Players are discovering and playing your games? Check! Now, it’s time to start thinking strategically about how to keep the players engaged and happy so that your games will be a continual hit.

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Let's get married in Crime City!

Dec 29, 2011

Forget Paris! The place to get engaged these days is in the social game Crime City, on Google+.

According to Mashable, a character named “Mihai” purchased a virtual engagement ring (created by the game’s developer, Funzio) which appeared in both his and his soon-to-be fiance’s inventory, and then Mihai virtually proposed to Miruna.

Of course, this could be just a clever publicity stunt for Funzio.

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Crime City dev Funzio secures $20 million in funding

May 10, 2011

Crime City developer Funzio has announced that it will be receiving $20 million in Series A funding. The developer will be using the funding to expand its operations and attempt to follow up the success of Crime City, which currently has just over 7.5 million monthly active users.

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Auto Hustle Preview

Oct 30, 2010

It all started out so innocently. For years now, Facebook has been rightly or wrongly associated with disarmingly endearing characters and bucolic bouts of farming, and most brutal action largely goes on in text in grittier games such as Mafia Wars. MetroGames’ Auto Hustle seeks to change all that. Taking Rockstar’s famed and controversial Grand Theft Auto formula and sprinkling it with a few doses of social gaming, Auto Hustle brings GTA’s saga of car theft, mass murder, and inevitable reckless driving to Facebook while suffering a few wrecks in the process.

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Crime City Review

Oct 6, 2010

There is nothing better than getting your hands a little dirty when someone needs a leg breaking. Whoops, was I supposed to say that out loud? Crime City lets players “take care of business” the old fashioned way; one mugging at a time.

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