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Coin?Pirates is a coin pusher game which drop coins and gain treasures.

Treasure-trove on the pirate ship!
Drop coins and spin the roulette, then get tons of treasures!!

Some treasures are for collection, but some are special and not for collection…
It’s a secret until you play game and drop it?

Ohhh… just a bit more to drop it…!
Why you go there!? C’mooooon!
Let’s go to such a nervous and exciting voyage!!!

------Recommended for these people------
People who are tired of stressful society
Feel so good! Coz, you can drop coins more and more!
Express your disgust by dropping coins!!!

People who are troubled with a slot addiction
It’s enough fun as a slot!
Hit a jack pot, you may get a flood of coins and treasures!?
If you hit a rare spot, you are lucky!?

People who want to keep playing for free
Coins will increase as time passes by, so you can keep playing?
Even if you used all coins, just keep running the app and wait…coins will be restored!
If you can’t wait, go purchase coins at the shop!

If this app is in high repute, we’ll think about version up and add more functions!
Please let us know how you feel about this app!

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