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Lead your clan to victory! Clash of Clans is an epic combat strategy game. Build your village, train your troops and battle with thousands of other players online!
You asked, we delivered: The long-awaited, hit strategy game Clash of Clans is officially storming the Android realm, pillaging and raiding your tablets and phones. The time has come to unleash your inner barbarian. Get the game, join the fun - it's free!

Did a hacker just reveal how much Clash of Clans makes in a day?

Feb 10, 2014

Clash of Clans is a big game. #2 top grossing on the App Store for more than a year big (and as of this writing, #1). $1.5 billion to get a 51% control of the company big. BIG big.

But what does this “bigness” really translate to in terms of day-to-day dollars? According to one hacker, the answer is around $5 million a day.

Last night, the official Clash of Clans Facebook page was hacked by someone using the name ‘Ethical Spectrum.’ After posting a quick message to confirm the hack, an image was posted that allegedly depicts Supercell’s in-house analytics dashboard, which revealed a revenue of $5.15m for February 7, 2014.


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This Week in China: Less jailbreaking, more Clash of Clans

Jan 24, 2014

2013 was a big year for Clash of Clans. So much so that we didn’t hesitate to call it the year of Clash of Clans. Back in August, their CEO was quoted as saying “you can’t be global without being in Asia.” Well now they are, and in full force. And as you might have expected, the clones have followed.

Thanks to our Beijing-based friends at Laohu.com for gathering up the top stories out of China for us (as they do every week). For a more Chinese gamer news daily, be sure to add Laohu.com to your bookmarks folder.


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2013 was the year of…

Dec 30, 2013

Open-ended questions are tough. Depending on which lens you view the last year through, ‘2013 was the year of…’ could be answered a lot of different ways. We can the last year through our personal experiences as gamers, as industry watchers, as developers, as financial analysts – everybody wears a different hat, and everyone’s ‘2013 was’ would be different.

As the Editor-in-Chief of Gamezebo, these are mine. There’s a mix of industry observation, personal feelings, and unavoidable truths – but what I really what to write about are YOUR thoughts on what 2013 was the year of. Unfortunately for me, the only one who can do that is you.

Once you’ve read through my thoughts on the year, let us hear yours in the comments below! What do you think 2013 was the year of?



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Another Puzzle & Dragons and Clash of Clans special event has just gone live

Oct 22, 2013

This week, GungHo Online Entertainment has announced a second batch of cross-promotional content that is set to blend the world of GungHo’s smash mobile hit Puzzle & Dragons with Supercell’s equally successful Clash of Clans. The first collaboration between these two companies occurred earlier this summer, which saw a special dungeon and exclusive Clash of Clans monsters being incorporated into the Puzzle & Dragons game.

Well this time around, Puzzle & Dragons players will now have access to yet another Clash of Clans-themed dungeon, which features four different difficulty levels, and culminates in an epic battle against The Crimson Dragon. Other unique monster types to be found in the limited crossover event include the Barbarian, Healer, Goblin, Archer, and the P.E.K.K.A. unit. Furthermore, each new character is said to have its own special attack, and a unique evolution that is dependent upon certain Puzzle & Dragons elemental orbs.


The latest collaboration between Puzzle & Dragons and Clash of Clans is available right now in-game, and will run through October 27, 2013. Will you be taking a look this week to see how two of the most successful mobile game franchises are going to be working together once again? Be sure to let us know in the replies!

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Games like Clash of Clans

Oct 16, 2013

Now that Clash of Clans has debuted on Android, mobile gamers on both sides of the iPhone/Android debate are able to jump into Supercell’s strategic base-building fun. But like many free-to-play games, once you get deep enough into it, you may find yourself waiting 2+ days for certain buildings to complete.

Do you wish you could still be building defenses during the downtime? Jump into any one of these titles and get started on another base-building adventure!


All of the games listed below share mechanics that are strikingly similar to Clash of Clans. If you’re a fan of one, chances are you’ll be a fan of another. If we missed any, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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Clash of Clans developer sells 51% of company stake to SoftBank in deal worth $1.5 billion

Oct 15, 2013

Developer Supercell of Clash of Clans fame has announced today that they have sold a 51% stake in their company to Japanese business firm SoftBank, for a deal worth a grand total of $1.5 billion. So if you thought games like Clash of Clans and Hay Day were successful before this, then I’ll just let that number sink in for a minute. Most recently, SoftBank acquired an additional stake in GungHo Online Entertainment, the studio responsible for the smash hit Puzzle and Dragons, thereby increasing their share to an influential 58%.

CEO of Supercell Ilkka Paananen wrote a lengthy blog post explaining the company’s reasoning behind the essential buyout, and that their recent investment opportunities will all be adding towards their ultimate goal of being the first true successful global developer of mobile free-to-play games. Paananen states in the blog, “SoftBank provides us with a massive selection of strategic resources that will help us deliver our games to hundreds of millions of new consumers all over the globe.”


Paananen was also quick to assure the legions of Clash of Clans fans in his blog post that, despite the massive new business deal, Supercell will continue to operate by their own merits, in the same way that they always have before. In fact, Paananen says that in some ways, Supercell will now be even more independent than they were in the past, so anyone worried about their favorite mobile developer making such a monumental business move should have nothing to fear for the future of the company’s games.

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Clash of Clans: Now on Android (in Canada and Finland)

Oct 1, 2013

It seems like only a few weeks since we were musing on the inevitability of Clash of Clans making the jump to Android, and now the inevitable has come to pass. Android gamers, get ready for the genuine article: Supercell’s Clash of Clans is now available to download from Google Play.

If you’ve just clicked that link and decided to call me a liar, I won’t blame you. While the game is officially on Android now, it’s only available in Canada and Finland. Don’t panic though – this is the same sort of soft launch we see all the time in mobile games. “The global release of Clash of Clans on Android will come as soon as we are confident that the Android version is of the highest quality,” said a moderator on the Supercell forums. “We hope that will be very soon!”


In the meantime, sit tight Android users. There are still plenty of clones out there to cut your teeth on, and you’ll want all the practice you can before the worldwide launch. iOS gamers have had a year to get ready, and they’re just itchin’ to raid the competition.

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Clash of Clans might finally be coming to Android

Sep 13, 2013

Clash of Clans is huge. It’s a monster of a game; the kind of success that other mobile developers could only dream of. It’s been the #2 top grossing app for as long as anyone can remember, and before that? It was #1. Strange then, that the game is still an iOS exclusive.

But the tides might finally be turning for Android gamers. “You can’t be global without being in Asia, and you can’t be big in Asia without being on Android,” Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen told the Financial Times last month. “I guess that’s a long way of saying that we are very actively thinking about it.”


It’s a thought that’s long overdue. While Supercell has been hesitant to enter the Google Play storefront, their competitors haven’t. Games like Castle Clash, Clash of Lords and Jungle Heat are among the top 25 grossing on Android, and all borrow pretty liberally from Clash of Clans playbook. If you’re Supercell, that has to sting a little.

Whether due to the frustrating success of copycats or the promise of global domination, it looks like the company has finally set its sights on Android – likely both for Clash of Clans and its popular farming sim, Hay Day. There hasn’t been a formal announcement of any kind yet, but with talk like this brewing publicly, it seems to be less a matter of “if” and more a matter of “when.”

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Today’s new Clash of Clans update adds Player Profiles

Aug 27, 2013

There’s a big new title update to Clash of Clans on the bill for today, with the main addition being the exciting introduction of Player Profile cards, so now everyone can easily size up the competition with a simple glance of your biggest stats in one simple, all-inclusive place.

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Clash of Clans receives massive update

Feb 5, 2013

Today’s your lucky day, Clash of Clans players. The popular strategy game has just received a massive update, featuring a cavalcade of new content and several tweaks to the gameplay.

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