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Help a newspaper journalist to investigate a mysterious case of a UFO contact in a weird town Tundel. The chief editor sends you to interview the mayor of the city about the accident, which is conceived from the public. The City of Fools is memorable for its funny and eccentric characters with their stories, weird ideas and problems to solve. Overcome all the incredible obstacles, find the mayor and complete your quest for laughs in City of Fools!

City of Fools Review

Apr 11, 2012

City of Fools, a self-proclaimed light-hearted and clever detective romp, is a welcomed thematic departure from the macabre mysteries that populate the hidden-object, puzzle-adventure (HOPA) genre. Absolutist can be applauded for attempting to break the thematic mold, even if the barrage of jokes about bodily functions falls flat and the execution is the most reminiscent aspect of classic adventure games (meaning, you’re at the mercy of the dev’s logic). The gameplay mainly consists of the townsfolk (or townsfools in this case) sending the player on meaningless retrieval tasks interspersed with a few puzzles and hidden-object scenes.

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