No Sesame in Tangiers.....

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No Sesame in Tangiers.....

What do I need to do, did I forget, haven't I done to get sesame seeds to appear in Tangiers? I need to make the last of the 400 truffles to buy the shop in Havana.... I am running all over the globe, trying to find anyone or anything that will unlock the ingredient. So far I am coming up big fat zero!

I'm striking out too! It's been, like, a year game-time and still no sesame. :(

looking at the posts on this topic i see no response to where on earth to get the sesame.  i have looked in every single open port.  i have even restarted the game three times thinking maybe the next game will have the sesame in tangiers.  but no luck.  anyone have any tips on getting this ingredient?  Pretty please.  i have been trying for a loooooooong time.

Same thing here. I am STUCK! I want to go back and play but I cant find the sesame. First I thought it was in Colombia but everyone says Tangiers. I'm wasting money going to every market and nothing. We need help. I'd like to get back to the game today but if I don't find it, I can't go further.

below is what i found at the hobbit hollow forum

Colombian Treats Take 25 Mediterranean Coffee & 65 Sesame Ginger Colombian Truffles to Pedro in Bogota Recipe for Mediterranean Coffee/Opens Sesame Seeds/Recipe for Orange Pecan Stars


Did you already deliver the Wasabi Cashew Truffles to Dieter Baumeister in Capetown?

i havent gotten that far yet.  that is just what i saw for the walkthru on the other site.  i am still trying to get the truffles delivered.  LOL.

Try it - if you deliver this truffle to Dieter, he will give you a truffle recipe which contains Sesame and it may be available at Tangiers then.

Go to Toronto and talk to Dieter I believe. It'll work out then. I was stuck for two days for no reason 

You get your sesame seeds after you deliver the other recipes.  Make sure you read the messages that come up sometimes you have to action things. They are in Tangiers though and that is the only place to get them. Make sure to go to Tokyo tower and imperial palace etc.  They are places that you may forget to stop.  Also the plaza i n peru.  Lots of tips.


The sesame is Tangiers, but not at the beginning of the game. I could swear I saw it there once before I had the recipe, but maybe that was saffron. Anyway, it's really frustrating, because in my case I got the recipe that required it a full 2 1/2 years in game time before I could actually buy any sesame seeds. And it seemed like there was nothing left to do. I was just going from port to port, making money but no new tasks. The only clue I had was that I only had about half the trophies.

Anyway, after literally a year of game time of just making the same recipes and selling them, I started getting a few more special orders. Still no sesame seeds, still no new ports unlocked. I filled the special orders, kept going, and finally, as things starting getting a little busy again, I got a special request from Evangeline at the headquarters in San Francisco to deliver some of the truffles with sesame. And she told me that NOW the sesame seeds would be available in Tangiers. So I went to Tangiers, and there they were.

There were a couple of other times in the game when I had a recipe but didn't have the ingredients for it, but the one with the sesame was the only one where I just didn't seem to have anything else meaningful to do. No special requests, no Quests, nothing else missing. I just went from port to port, as I said, for over 1 year in game time, until finally things started happening again and eventually I did get the sesame seeds.

So all I can suggest is to be patient, use "quiet time" to make as much money as you can (you will need many millions to eventually win), and sooner or later someone (I'm not sure if it's the same person each time or if it's random) will request an item with sesame seeds and then they'll be available. But just having the recipe doesn't trigger it.

Good luck!