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User review by fran miconi


I have been with castleville for a long time and now I can't receive or send gifts. Zinga has not fixed this problem. It doesn't happen in any other game. There is a box that comes up saying ZID->FBID Mappng Failed....can anyone help???

User review by addro chan


CastleVille 俏皮活潑的人物!

User review by emj4999


avoid if you can.I have been an avid player for months and spent a lot of my real money.due a technical error I lost all my kingdom along with the crowns and it is a nightmare to get any help.
zynga ignore emails,try and say they are fixing it and you feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall
problems with this game are posted all over the forums and its rare to get anyone from zynga commenting
the game itself is great,just do not expect any help when it goes wrong and do not expect your money back either

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User review by dave van hengel


I love playing castleville but sometimes it has soms hickups. Like now, I was working on Baz his quest,
finished task 11, wanted to do the next task but couldn't find him in the field! I can only see his shadow!
Does anybody know what's up with that?

User review by aina khan


i love to play ths game all day long...

User review by hardy stahlberg


ich finde castle ville ist ein super spiel,danke

User review by Jndeyhenry


great game

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User review by iKlone


This game offers allot of pros, but, the attention needs to by drawn to the Cons of the game. Why? Castleville is the most interfered game ever - on FB by the devs.

Game mechanics seems to change on a daily basis. Blue feathers is a good example, first their hard to obtain, this changes to easily obtained back to hard to obtain. This also hold true for a numbers of hard to get items.

* Drop rates for items once were easy to obtain, that are now hard to obtain.
* Asking for xmas items to complete quests is restricted to 20 per X- amount of hours/day.
* Expensive items needed to complete quests is especially difficult for new players.
* Ridiculous quests requirements (45 oats) . Game restricts you as to how much plots you can have at your level.
* "Timed xmas Quests" which is impossible for new players to complete.
* Quests/Buildings given to players 2 to 4 levels above them? Meaning you can't complete them until you level up several times, especially for bakery, clockmaker, jeweller.
* Run out of energy too fast.l
* Change the lightening icon to orange which lets you know a crew building needs tending. Leave the green icon as it is for friends you are non crew member of.
* Too much beasties spawning.l

Overall, the game has more cons then pros. Again zynga forums is ripe with complaints, but over 5 million users play this game, so their doing something right.

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User review by stcyhood


Facebook version: At first I loved this game. But the more I played, the more it just frustrated me. Over half of the gifts collected would just disappear when loading the next time I played (aggravating when it takes 3 shards to make one crystal and 16 crystals just to explore a tiny bit of territory), quest are ridiculously long with an extremely low return rate (took me over a week to complete the treasure chest quest and when finally getting the chest open it contained very little reward), and the wolves/beasties showed up constantly making it even more painful. Am now convinced that all the Zynga "ville" games are a rip off as this is the 3rd "ville" I just gave up on.

User review by ltdale4ever


Graphic's and quests are great so far so good, Just a few bugs which is normal for a new game.

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