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By Derek C. Tillotson | Sep 14, 2013 |

Game Introduction - Castle Clash

Castle Clash is a freemium strategy game created by IGG.COM. In it, you’ll construct and defend your base, gather resources, build an army, and attack enemies. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

 Castle Clash

Getting Started

  • Castle Clash is free to play and can be downloaded by clicking the “Play Now!” option at the top of this page.
  • When you play the game, you must have a constant internet connection. This is due to the ability to attack and be attacked by other players at any time.
  • After loading the game and downloading any updates, you will be greeted with the “Newbie Guide,” a brief tutorial that touches on a few of the major gameplay elements in Castle Clash.

 Castle Clash

Building Your Base

  • Castle Clash includes a ton of buildings to add to your base. Clicking the “Shop” button on the bottom right corner will open up a menu that lets you buy buildings, defense units, and decorations, as well as purchase in-game currency.
  • The most important building in any base is the Town Hall. As the Town Hall is upgraded and its level increases, you’ll be able to upgrade other buildings, research new technologies, and strengthen your defenses. Destroying the Town Hall pretty much guarantees victory in battle, so it’s important to place it in the most well-protected area of the base, typically in the center.

 Castle Clash

  • There are two resources in Castle Clash: Mana and Gold. Both of these can be earned from successful battles, but they can be passively gained by building Mana Mills and Gold Mines, respectively. The more each of these is upgraded, the faster they will generate resources. After a building has churned out a notable amount, an icon will appear, allowing you to tap on the building and collect those resources. You can expand your capacities by building/upgrading Mana Vaults and Gold Vaults.
  • The “Defenses” option in the shop consists of four objects important for constructing your base. The Watchtower will attack nearby enemies and can be specialized after enough upgrades. Walls will slow enemies with a simple barrier, allowing your other defenses to attack freely. Bomb traps will explode as soon as an enemy touches it. Hero traps work like bombs but are specifically geared toward hero characters.
  • The Relic Hall allows you to purchase magic that can be deployed during battle.  There are both support and offensive spells, and multiple spells can be held at the same time as the Relic Hall is upgraded.

  • If you want to avoid being attacked, you can purchase shields, which protect your base from attack for a set number of hours.

 Castle Clash

Building Your Army

  • The “Attack” option in the shop provides access to five key offensive structures: Army Camp, Heroes Altar, Hero Base, Arena, and the aforementioned Relic Hall.
  • The Army Camp works as both a barracks and a guard post. Each camp can hold a certain capacity of troops and each type of troop will consume a set capacity (Guardians require one, Treants require four, etc.). The total capacity will increase as the Army Camp is upgraded. The Army Camp is also a key defensive structure, as any stationed troops will attack nearby enemies during a strike.

 Castle Clash

  • The Heroes Altar will be used to summon new Heroes, which are super strong units. Heroes can be purchased with Gems (the in-game currency), Honor Badges (earned from battle), and Shards (earned occasionally from dungeons). Every hero has their own set of stats and skills, and you can sacrifice other heroes to upgrade these abilities.

 Castle Clash

  • The Hero Base allows you to set a hero on defense, which is useful as many enemy attackers will include their own hero.
  • The Arena creates a MOBA-like mini game where heroes will charge different paths in order to get to and destroy the enemy base. The winning side earns Honor Badges for summoning new heroes.

 Castle Clash

  • Every base also comes equipped with a Training Center. This allows you to upgrade current troop classes and unlock new ones for battle. This building cannot be upgraded.

 Castle Clash


  • Battles are mostly straightforward in Castle Clash. There are both single and multiplayer modes. Single player is made up of levels called dungeons that consist of battles against pre-made bases. Multiplayer battles work identically, but you’re put up against a random opponent.

 Castle Clash

  • Before attacking, you get some time to inspect the enemy base and plan where you want to place your troops.  In multiplayer, you’re able to spend gold to check out a new enemy. Once you’re ready to attack, tap on the troop you’d like to send, and then tap where you want to place them.  Repeat this until you’ve released your desired number of soldiers. If a hero is charged and ready, it will also be on the roster. If a hero dies, they will revive at the Heroes Altar.
  • During battle, player involvement is mostly hands-off. The exception is with magic. When you have magic stored, you can tap on it, and then tap where you want to activate it. Smart use of magic can often be what separates a win from a loss.
  • Victory is determined when enough of the base is destroyed. Alternatively, you can end the battle at any time if you wish to save certain troops.

 Castle Clash

Tips and Tricks

  • The dungeons get hard, fast. Don’t be afraid to replay earlier levels to learn the ropes. Likewise, don’t be afraid to withdraw if all hope appears to be lost.
  • The game provides plenty of free gems early on. Using them to quickly upgrade your base will benefit you more than constantly hiring new troops.
  • Before combat, take note of how the enemy’s base is set up and how well it works. Certain layouts will inevitably work better than others.

 Castle Clash

  • Don’t neglect upgrading mines, mills, and vaults. Resources are of the utmost importance.
  • To make the best use of traps, figure out where the enemy is most likely going to deploy the most troops and catch them off-guard.


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Castle Clash. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments and much more here at Gamezebo!

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