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Alright since this guide s... khm.... is not entirely acceptable, I'm going to have to put some actually useful information here. First... the review itself is not even complete.

The most revolting to me is that chocolate is left out completely. Do you like chocolate? Well you won't after you play this game. Them fungus chocolate spreads to an adjecent square if there is a candy on it and if no chocolate with your previous switch was cleared. It can be cleared by blowing up adjecent candies. It doesn't seem so bad from what I described here, but believe me when I say it will make your life miserable. Whenever you have chocolate on the level, the first you want to do is clearing it. There are a few levels where the chocolate is enclosed somewhere(for example with netted candies or blocks). If that's the case usually it is best to leave it there until you have some powerful special candy combo. Otherwise it will just spread everywhere and once it has grown to a size it will be hardy possible to move, let alone clear the level.

Second is portals. On some later levels there will be portals below squares, and above squares. If you clear some candy below a portal from above other candies will come through it. It can also make a level tough, but you can also use it to your advantage, or to get lucky.

Third is losing the game. Thing is you can not only lose the game by using all your moves without fulfilling the requirements or running out of time before you reach a score. Basically you have to reach the one star score to beat a level. It doesn't matter that you met the requirements if you don't have the score, you will lose a life. It's not a big problem in the beginning, but later it is very annoying. Also at some annoying levels, you may see a message "No possible switches left" and then you lose. There's a thingy called shuffle. It's a booster you get later. Now shuffle is a tool that's name speak for itself. It will shuffle your candies randomly when used. You can use it 3 times, however, when you're out of moves if you have shuffle, the game will automatically use it, but it won't take away a charge. I don't know if this is a bug or something, but make sure to leave one shuffle for this, because then you will never lose a game for such an annoying reason.

Fourth is the combination of special candies. They were described right, however the useage this guide suggests is just horrible. You don't need to mix two special candies as soon as you have the opportunity. In fact, in later levels you will never beat the levels if you do so. Make the situation appropriate, and try to use them at the best moment. Of course make sure you don't mess up and somehow get them away from each other. For time levels I usually don't even wait for a special combo I just thank the Gods if it happens so.

Next one... Jelly clearing. Yes... there is a jelly that needs to be blown up once, and there is one that needs two hits. But... in some cases not only those blocks will make it hard for you. There will be some candies that are below a net. These can't be moved and the net will only disappear if you match the candy underneath it or hit it with a special candy. Now the candy will remain there however, so if it is double jellied this also will need three consequent hits. After the net disappeared you can of course move the candy. Clearing the nets when you can is usually a useful move since while it remains it restricts your mobility which is critical in this game. These nets will also appear in other types(ingredients or time) and then they are even more annoying. On jelly clearing levels usually your main goal is to match a Colour bomb(5 candies combo) with a striped candy(4 candies combo). Get them adjecent, and switch a few of other colours to get more candy of that colour into the field. Once you're ready, if done well, it will do the job for a very long time. There are some levels later that are exceptions or where you can't even make a colour bomb(4x4 squares only...) but by the time you get there you should have some skill in judging situations in this game. Also, generally if you can choose between a colour bomb or other bonus, you should go with the colour bomb. Very few exceptions to this one...

There's also another type of block, which is not so annoying when it's alone or not in a corner. It's some black stuff that goes in a spiral and forms a square eventually. There are four things you need to know about this one. First it will blow up just the way all other blocks: you need to match candies adjecent to it. Second, it can be switched with candies if the candy will match to where the block is. Legally switching it thus will also result in the block being destroyed. Third, in the levels they appear sometimes when you clear some candies, with the new candies new blocks will also arrive. Fourth, and this is where it becomes really annoying. If you use a striped candy, or a striped-wrapped combo candy, this type of block will STOP the clear where it stands. When this type of block is being hit with something like that, it will disappear, but won't let the effect further.

Now I'm sure there are things that even I forgot to mention or that I haven't seen, but I'm only at level 90 yet. I hope you find this useful, or at least more useful than the "walkthrough, cheats, and strategies" here. (were there any cheats mentioned anyway? I don't remember...)

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