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User review by Gardensafari


Terrible game.
The graphics were quite good, but you had to find very tiny objects constantly.
And on my computer the screen would not display full screen. Si I had to peer on pixel level just to find the hints (small beetles) or marbles.
Gave me a headache, so out went the Babysitter.
Sorry girl, hope you do a better job next time.

User review by VampiricOne


great game if you like creepy and scary games

User review by starrenz


I came into this game straight after playing the first part, Campfire Legends: The Hookman. The continuity was evident, so I would recommend getting through Hookman first as it enhances the story.

Compared to its predecessor, Babysitter was much "longer" (by that I mean of average length, compared to other games of this genre, because Hookman was unbelievably short). The same cheap scare tactics were used (e.g. bats suddenly flying into your face, etc), and the game had the same creepy, tense atmosphere as Hookman... for the 1st half of it that is. The 2nd half was unfortunately rather boring and slipped into tedium as you were required to hunt for dozens of badly hidden objects in various messy scenes. By "badly hidden", I mean things like only a small fraction of the object being visible, objects looking nothing like what they were shown, etc. Some items were impossible to find without a hint. How would you know that a thin, pointy spike-like thingie was supposed to be the upper half of a pipette, for instance?!

Another gripe I had was with the puzzles. Some of them did not come with instructions; random clicking was needed before you could figure things out. On one of them, these random clicks suddenly solved the puzzle for me.

I also did not like how your character's dialogue disappears automatically from the screen. After a new event is triggered, she tells you what to do and where to go next, but sometimes before I could even finish reading what she had to say, it was gone. There's no way of bringing her dialogue back.

On the whole though, I think the game still succeeded in its overall function - to entertain. The story is its biggest draw. The narrative unfolds movie-style through well-animated cut scenes as you find objects and solve puzzles, and the plot is easy to follow and progresses smoothly. The ending was a tad predictable, but still managed to deliver a chuckle. If you played Hookman and liked it, you won't want to give this one a miss.

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User review by jkf


I replayed this game last week to refresh myself with this series before diving into the Last Act as from what I have heard, it's supposed to be a follow on, so I would have a good idea of what happened before. I did the same before I played this one for the first time, even though there wasn't too much except for the Hookman that was common to the first two.

The game setup is just like in the Hookman, where the collapsible inventory is along the left and the shopping list is on the bottom. The hints are earned the same way as the first game by collecting fireflies, which I never liked. If you like complicated games, then you will like this one. When you can't find something and need a hint and having to hunt for a hint just adds to the frustration.

Compared to the first game, there was a lot more pacing around that had to be done. This game goes to the extreme in scattering pieces, not fragmented pieces but buttons and switches of which you must find in multiple locations, stalling the progress of the game at times. Things could be in any accessible location during the game. The plot was just interesting enough to overcome the tediousness.

Although I enjoyed the game, I didn't think it was good as the first. I would not recommend this to a newcomer to games because there are too many things that are going on. A good game for the seasoned player who doesn't mind the long winded tasks.

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User review by magicjadez


I loved the first and wanted to love the sequel, but I couldn't. It was a good game, but... GameHouse seems to be coasting here.

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User review by shihtzumom


Just loved the first Campfire Legends, but could not even finish the sequel. It just seemed to be going in so many directions that I just got lost. Also, the play did not really go along with the story. I hope they do try again with this series, just don't try to overdo it and develop a game that is more like the original.

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User review by ladybugg


I am disappointed with the babysitter. This game is not as good as the Hookman. There is too much going there and getting that and I can hardly relate one to another.

User review by brenissa55


While I have to agree with some of the other reviewers regarding the main character being too "cool" and "mechanical", I still enjoyed the game. I like to explore, so going through so many rooms was fun and I found the atmosphere to be creepy, although I'll admit that I jumped more in the Hookman. Still a fun game and worth $6.99.

User review by MoonFlower


Giving this a 3 with deference to the Hookman. Would have loved to give it 3.5 (and round it up to 4 stars), but when compared to its predecessor, this game is just not as good. The length may be longer than the Hookman, but the quality has gone down. I'll try not to repeat other reviewers; here goes:

For a first, it fails in terms of being scary, which is what I think the Campfire Legends is all about The scare tactics failed, and the atmosphere, while initially creepy, fades off fast. The house was too cozy, and the blackout part felt redundant especially when Lisa didn't acknowledge it. The basement, while freaky at the start, got boring very quickly when you have to go aimlessly from room to room with no urgency, at the same time getting frustrated trying to sieve through bloody instruments that serve no direct purpose to the plot.

Then there were issues with sequencing. I was disappointed when I was unable to pick up the shards at the start, but was forced fix the mirror first. It didn't make sense, because the plate breaking was shown in the cut scene, and as a player that would have taken my attention already, even if the game wanted to take care of the mirror first. I also didn't like how the game just repeated lines from the previous dialogue to prevent me from going to a place it doesn't want to. It makes me wonder whether the developers are just lazy.

The third problem lies with Lisa. I am just amazed at her coolness.She felt completely dense and mechanical. Sure, she was excellent at fixing things, but wouldn't anyone freak out when you wake up tied up and handcuffed on a gurney next to a bunch of bloody surgical instruments? She was unrealistic.

On the good side, however, I liked Hekel's journal mode, which gives insight to his mind and made him more human. It also raises more questions though, which I hope will be answered in the next installation, and which will hopefully be of the same quality as the Hookman or better.

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User review by Nana2.2


Waited so long for the sequel and it turned out to be just a boring waste of time. Too bad--Hookman was terrific. Babysitter not at all!

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