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Cafeland - Basics

How do i get more XP?You can find all decorative items in the decorations menu which can be accessed by clicking the "Decoration" button below the game screen.How do I make coins faster?Caféland customers provide you with useful tips every time they enter your café. Click on customers to learn the..
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Cafeland - Optimal Table Placement for best profit

Cafeland - Optimal Table Placements for best Profits and other designing tipsPlacement of your tables and chairs is critical to good game play and optimum profit in Cafeland.Here I will show you a few examples of really good table, stove, and serving counter placements to give you ideas for your..
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Cafeland - Daily Log in Bonus

Cafeland has a daily log in bonus that will allow you to earn free coins each day starting at 100 coins and increasing each day by 100 coins until you reach day five. The process then starts over and you can earn it all again.Don't turn down the opportunity to earn free money just by logging in..
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