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User review by Buildalotfan


This one was good, but not close to the best addition.

Good Things:
You did not have to worry about curb appeal.
The premier lots helped in making a profit.
The option to permit lots and upgrade to a fourth star helped in making a profit.

Bad Things:
At a low level, they expect you to have an extremely large amount of rent. $30,000 rent with just Tudors is HARD.
The 'Property Taxes' addition would sometimes cost you a LOT.

When looking through reviews, this game was not what I expected.

User review by Diskette66


From the reviews, I expected to like this game more than I did. I found it kinda confusing as sometimes you aren't really sure what you are doing is effecting your goal in a positive way. One thing I found really confusing with the concept of curb appeal... well, let me rephrase that, I get the concept but I had a hard time telling what upgrades were doing what. No matter how many upgrades I did, a house would only show +5, but then my score at the top would still say zero even though I had 4-5 houses with +5. I also found it annoying the constant fires and damage that was occurring and the cost (5k!) to fix or put out the fire each time. In the early levels, that's a lot of money. I liked the concept of these things but thought they occurred too much. I would have liked it more if you could damageproof your homes (maybe you can in higher levels?). I guess building a fire station would help with the fires but it seemed too pricey to just slop down early also. I thought the tutorial was somewhat vague. They teach you the absolute basics (which you'd probably understand anyway) but then the more complicated matters, you're on your own. Judging from how big of a hit this series is, my guess is that if I'd stayed with it longer than the hour demo, I would end up hooked. Unfortunately, I don't feel attracted enough to the game to actually buy it to get more than my hour demo's worth. I really wanted to love this game, but I just didn't. One game that is like this but VERY addicting and I'd highly recommend is Royal Envoy (you'll want the collector's edition, the game is awesome). Maybe that's part of the reason I didn't like Build a Lot, was in comparison to Royal Envoy, it seemed a little lacking. Again though, I think this game is probably much better in the higher levels. It seems like there are a lot of options, I'd imagine putting them all to good use raises the fun eventually.

User review by jennyville


One word - ADDICTIVE. I love a game that makes me feel smart and Build a lot makes me feel smart, lol. All kidding aside, this is a refreshingly complex game. It takes strategy and planning. Not for casual gamers looking for a nice match 3 game.

User review by gnovak1


The most fun i've had with a casual game. It made you think but it wasnt overly difficult. Graphics weren't great but didnt need to be for the type of game it is. A refreshing change from all the Match3, hidden object games that are flooding our casual game stores.

User review by Lardhut


This game is amazing. The gameplay is very intuitive, fun, and functional. The concept and story is great, and it all works together for a great game. The one problem I have with the game is eventually the difficulty starts getting up there. But overall, the game is great, and worth the time to put into it.

User review by Kayleigh_


I got addicted to this game from the first time on. Fun, excitment, good story. And because of the several diffrent goals it also brings a good variosity, it is never boring. Several ways to reach the goal, what gives it a good replay-appeal

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