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Bubble Saga is the brand new spinning Bubble Shooter you can enjoy with your friends. Lots of cool powerups and special features to unlock

King closing Hoop de Loop Saga, 3 other Facebook games

Aug 12, 2013

With the sort of skyrocketing popularity that King has seen over the last year (thanks in no small part to Candy Crush Saga), we’ll forgive you for thinking that they went from zero to hero overnight. But like most companies, there’s a lot that has gone into getting King to where they are today – including a few earlier Facebook titles that you may not have heard of until right now.

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King.com games played one billion times a month, new Facebook games coming monthly

Oct 26, 2011

Developer King.com has announced that its games, which span mobile, Facebook, and online, are now being played more than a billion times a month. This puts King.com amongst the top 10 developers on Facebook, and the developer is continuing to expand with new games in the works and the opening of two new offices in San Francisco and Romania.

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Bubble Saga Review

May 4, 2011

There are a lot of really good bubble-pop match-3 games on Facebook, which makes it all the more impressive that Bubble Saga still manages to feel especially noteworthy. Where most bubble-pop games use 2D graphics, Bubble Saga uses an entirely browser-based 3D graphics engine that models the bubbles as solid objects with appropriate physics. This may sound like a very minor change, but it makes Bubble Saga feel like a very different and perhaps more engaging game than 2D-based bubble-pop games like, say, Wooga’s Bubble Island.

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