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Best Match 3 Games of 2012

Dec 12, 2012

They say two's company, but three’s a crowd. I suppose that if you’re talking about match-3, there’s some truth to that statement.  After all, what genre is more crowded than that?  For every AAA title out there, there are dozens upon dozens of match-3 games.  They’re like locusts.  Fun, color-matching, gem-swapping locusts.

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Go for the gold from your home in the Zynga International Games

Aug 2, 2012

The Olympics represent one of the greatest collections of athletes from around the world. They also represent a larger group of couch potatoes – judging said athletes from the privacy of their own home, likely never to reach the same spotlight that these incredible athletic specimen receive. Thanks to Zynga, even the couch-bound athlete has a chance to compete for their country’s honor.

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New Horizons: Zynga adds live multiplayer to Bubble Safari, takes Ruby Blast multiplatform

Jun 26, 2012

For fans of Zynga, today continues to be a pretty great day. Amid the hooplah of their “Unleashed” press event, the social gaming big dog has announced new partnerships, promised new games, and revealed new entries in their classic series. Making sure not to leave their existing players in the dust, however, the house that Pincus built went on to announce some new features for things you might be playing right now.

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Bubble Safari Walkthrough

May 15, 2012

Welcome to the quick start guide for Bubble Safari, a new Facebook game from Zynga. In this arcade game you will find yourself aiming your bubble cannon at rows upon rows of colored bubbles in an attempt to clear the screen. Match colors and use special bonus bubbles to drop large sections of bubbles to score points and earn stars to unlock the next levels.

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Bubble Safari Review

May 14, 2012

Zynga was one of the first well-known developers on Facebook, but that pedigree doesn't guarantee the company's future success; in order to stay competitive in the increasingly competitive social game arena, it's got to keep innovating. Of late, the mega-developer – best known for its “Ville” titles – is making new flavors of casual entertainment, and one of the best thus far is jungle-themed bubble popper, Bubble Safari.

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Bubble Safari Preview

May 8, 2012

Mark Turmell is a man who understands arcade games. As the brains behind Midway classics like Smash TV and NBA Jam, his body of work consumed more than its fair share of quarters during the coin-op glory days. So when social gaming giant Zynga decided it was time to move into the world of arcade-style Facebook games, they knew just who to turn to. Newly recruited by the Big Z, Turmell has taken the lead on Bubble Safari, an up-and-coming bubble-popping experience not unlike Facebook favorites Bubble Witch Saga and Bubble Island – or if you’re an old school arcade veteran, Bust-a-Move.

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