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“Save the Earth, Color the World!”

Today’s world is more polluted than ever. All around the globe major cities are suffocating, trapped in toxic clouds and wastes. From New York to New Delhi green-house effect endangers the health of the populations and the environment. It’s now your job to clean the mess!
Each level is a district where you have some objects at your disposal: converters and deflectors. You need them to bring energy particles all the way to a target in order to supply the district with renewable energy.

How it works:

•Brainergy is a puzzle game based on energy flows: convert and redirect them to charge your target
•Grab the elements at your disposal, and use the best strategy to drop them within energy flows
•Once you have solved a level, try it again to find the most efficient way to earn more stars
•Unlock more levels and secrets by getting all the stars

Learn about renewable energies

•6 energies and 14 converters to solve more than 50 levels in 13 cities
•Each element you will have at your disposal in Brainergy represents is real: the Solar-to-Electricity converter is a Solar Panel, Water-to-Mechanics is a Turbine...

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