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The World’s #1 BINGO franchise introduces the fast, addicting twist on the classic game with Bingo Rush 2! Play it for FREE on Facebook!
Experience the fastest BINGO game of your life as you race the clock to BINGO as many times as possible before time runs out. Take control of the action with the “next ball” button, speeding up how quickly balls are called.
Play up to 8 cards at once and BINGO up to four times on each card. Try to achieve the ultimate “BLACKOUT” Bingo to earn BIG payouts!

Bingo Rush 2 Review

Jan 13, 2014

The Earth is home to many people who are capable of wonderful, mysterious things. There are people who can fall into a meditation so deep, that they don't require food or water for days at a time. There are people who can walk amongst wolves and lions without fear.

And then there are people who are capable of playing eight Bingo cards without suffering a mental and physical breakdown. It is for these half-fey that Bingo Rush 2 exists. Everyone else – that is, anyone who plays Bingo for ten minutes at a time and is content with managing one or two cards simultaneously – will find a basic free-to-play Bingo experience.

Bingo Rush 2

There isn't a lot about Bingo Rush 2 that's different from Buffalo's original Bingo Rush. The core premise is Bingo, a game that everyone in the Western world has played at least once (until they discovered it's more fun to use the dauber on the walls, ceiling, or cat).

To oblige anyone who's been living in a cave on Mars: A letter and a number are simultaneously called out by an announcer (e.g., "B 10”). If the number and letter exist on your card, you mark it. If you get five letter-number match-ups going horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, you get to shriek "BINGO!" and wave your fanny at the chain-smoking grandmother playing next to you.

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