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Bingo Bash is an amazing game of BINGO that allows millions of users around the world to come together and play bingo Simultaneously at various wonders of the world.

King.com CEO Riccardo Zacconi on the importance of social connectivity in games (Casual Connect)

Jul 25, 2012

King.com CEO Riccardo Zacconi’s talk at this year’s Casual Connect revolved primarily around how best to create a compelling multi-platform experience. And he wasn’t just preaching the importance of ports, either. In his eyes, if you want additional control over how long people play your game and how much they spend, you’d better weave in some kind of social features or cross-platform play.


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Bingo Bash Review

Nov 1, 2011

You wouldn’t think it too terribly hard to create a game centered around bingo, but without the prospect of winning actual money, it can be a bit difficult to hook players. Nevertheless, a game by the name of Bingo Bash is doing well, and brings a surprisingly addictive rendition of the gambling game to Facebook. Consisting of the basic rules of bingo, Bingo Bash combines elements of familiarity with much more interesting collection and reward mechanics.

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