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Quick Money/Tonic/Spins

A good way to earn money is simple all u need is ur device date settings and the game1. Enter the game2. Collect all money/tonic and spins3. Exit game go to date settings, change ur day of the month one ahead4. Enter game again, u should have all buildings ready and some free spins collect all5...
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Spin away

You can set the date ahead one day on your phone and get all kinds of free spins on the wheel. Every so often you win 15 cred or free guns, but you always win something. When you are done spinning the wheel, set your time back but make sure all of your buildings are caught up or you will have a..
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Collect from buildings as often as you can

Buildings that you have conquered will either produce money or tonics every once in a while which are both very valuable in Big Time Gangsta. To make sure you're earning as much as possible, you should make sure you check on the buildings as often as possible.Unfortunately, Big Time Gangsta does not..
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Earn Free Cred By Installing Free Apps

Cred can do many things in Big Time Gangsta, from healing wounded gang members to buying new weapons.To get your free cred that can greatly help out your game, follow these steps:From the main screen, tap on the Gang icon to bring up the Gang Menu.Now tap on the bar labeled "Earn Free Cred" under..
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