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The residents of a small American town are anxious: a fellow resident – an eccentric but famous professor – has mysteriously disappeared. On a dark, stormy night an odd old gentleman suddenly appeared at the door of your detective agency. He vanished as quickly as he appeared, but he left a message with a request for help on behalf of the missing Professor.
There are too few clues and too little evidence to unravel the puzzle, but it makes for an even more intriguing challenge for the sophisticated detectives.
While leading this captivating investigation, you will have to push your intellect to its limits and be alert for the tiniest of details. Search the Professor’s abode for hints, decipher his messages, put to use a magic artifact, play fun and brainy mini-games, and delve into a world of technology and magic.
- Adventure on the edge of the imaginary and the real
- Entertaining mini-games
- Entangled puzzles
- Extraordinary items

Between the Worlds II - The Pyramid Review

Mar 5, 2012

Between the Worlds II places you in the role of a detective, bringing your partner along for the ride as you try to solve the case of a missing alchemist. Using the alchemist’s letters and treasures along the way, you’ll play through a variety of different gameplay types in Between the Worlds II, but none of them are that much fun.

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