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Battleloot Adventure Review

Mar 26, 2012

RPGs have been one of the few iOS genres that can emulate the quality of major console releases like Final Fantasy Tactics and Chaos Rings II. Because of this, they sometimes command major prices (up to nearly $20 for the aforementioned titles). By contrast, Digital Tales’ Battleloot Adventure aims to present an engaging turn-based RPG for a budget price. Aside from a few issues, it delivers bang for the buck.

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Battleloot Adventure Preview

Feb 15, 2012

Everyone remembers Camelot, home to King Arthur and his court. Valiant knights, beautiful women, and all the chivalry any one person can stomach. Camelot is such a tired setting for a videogame, though. That's where Battleloot Adventure comes in. The setting is Kameloot, a wealthy kingdom that faces threats from monsters, mercenaries and taxes. As the player enters the kingdom he or she must fight, loot, and laugh his or her way through the story.

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