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BattleBallz is a fast paced adrenalin pumping single and 2 player arcade game of chaos, chaos that can only be understood by tasting the game.

BattleBallz is packed full of features including

- Single and 2 player modes allowing you to play head to head against insane AI or an insane friend, take your pick.
- Pick your battle arrangement using AI opponents to help you
- 4 modes of difficulty (easy, normal, hard and insane)
- Progressive difficulty from round to round with new game play features added at various stages such as zappers, black holes and gravity wells
- Around 80 different achievements that can be earned and posted to Facebook
- Pick-ups to help / hinder players such as barriers, shrink enemy, grow player, freeze wave and more
- Slam play to trick your enemies
- 10, 20 and 30 round battles
- Stats tracking to help you measure and improve your performance
- Death match bonus rounds
- Great graphics, music and effects

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