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Wander through stunning landscapes; immerse yourself within the amazing visuals and sounds of nature. Find harmony by forging your own environments, creating worlds to achieve personal perfection. Experience the calming world, and alter it to your liking.

Barmark is a point n' click adventure, were the players changes the world around them in order to achieve harmony and personal perfection. There are no goals, no points and no death. Barmark let's you be in control of your own experience.

Achieve personal perfection in the mysterious Barmark

Jan 24, 2014

With so many game developers these days branching off into untapped genres and strange new concepts, inherently mysterious games have become the new black this gaming season. Stormhatt Studios, a new developer based out of Sweden, is getting ready to release their intriguing first title called Barmark, and like any good mysterious mobile game, there’s not a thing that’s direct or clearly explained about it!

We don’t know all that much about the game at this time, other than the fact that Barmark can loosely be defined as a point-and-click adventure, and that players are encouraged to achieve “personal perfection” by changing the world around them as they play. The game is described by its creators to have “no goals, no points and no death,” in order to let the players craft their own unique game experiences around them.

Luckily for us, the developer has also just released a debut trailer for the game, which you can view just above this paragraph: and despite how mysterious everything about the video is, there’s no question that the game’s first footage is simply breathtaking. Barmark is currently planned for a tentative iOS and Android release in the spring of this year, and you can visit the official Stormhatt Studios website for additional information and screenshots on this enigmatic new game.

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