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Design your base, gather resources, build your monster army and help or attack other players' yards.

Subscription-based gaming is coming to Facebook

Jun 19, 2012

It’s no secret that the primary source of income for social games is in-app purchases. As a model, it works just fine. Sometimes, though, other models work better for certain games – like the subscription model, for example. It’s coming to Facebook soon, and developer KIXEYE’s game Backyard Monsters will be one of the first titles to feature it.

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It's a big day for KIXEYE: a new studio in Australia, and a mobile partnership with DeNA's ngmoco

May 30, 2012

It looks like KIXEYE, the gaming company known for its online combat strategy games such as Backyard Monsters, is making a few strategic moves of its own. Today, KIXEYE dropped two major announcements, each from separate sides of the globe.

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Backyard Monsters turns 2, Kixeye celebrates with cool stuff

Mar 15, 2012

We hear it's somebody's birthday. Backyard Monsters, a real-time strategy (RTS) game on Facebook, officially turned 2 on March 14! To celebrate, KIXEYE has posted a timeline that chronicles the game's development and evolution. You can view exclusive artwork, archived footage, and take a look back at Backyard Monsters' milestones.

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Backyard Monsters gets first expansion, dubbed Inferno

Jan 13, 2012

Kixeye, the developer behind Backyard Monsters, has announced a new expansion for the real-time strategy game, which will take players underground.

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Backyard Monsters developer raises $18 million, adds Zynga co-founder to board

Aug 4, 2011

Kixeye, the developer behind Facebook games like Backyard Monsters and Battle Pirates, has announced that it has received $18 million in Series C funding. In addition to the funding, the developer also announced that it has added Andrew Trader, one of the founding members of Zynga, to its board of directors.

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Kixeye reveals next title, real-time strategy game War Commander

Jul 25, 2011

After moving from Backyard Monsters to Battle Pirates, it looks as though developer Kixeye is sticking with military strategy for its next release. The studio revealed War Commander at the just-finished Casual Connect conference in Seattle, though details at this point are virtually non-existent.

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The movement is (still) just beginning for games on Facebook

May 24, 2011

May 24th marks the four year anniversary of the launch of the Facebook platform. On that day in 2007, in a hall crowded with hackers and dreamers, I watched Mark Zuckerberg announce on stage that "today, together, we're going to start a movement." In one fell swoop, he opened up the power of social networks - the ability for people to connect and share - to developers everywhere.

What has happened since has been a wild ride.

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Halloween Treat of the Day: Backyard Monsters

Oct 29, 2010

Social game companies are going ga-ga over Halloween. Are game developers so amped on candy they are going crazy creating Halloween events? Or, do Halloween inspired events and items sell well (probably more of the latter).

At Gamezebo, we can’t possibly track all Halloween events (we still got to report on all the download and iPhone as well as Facebook games, oh my, and better to let Games.com do all the dirty work). We can pick one Facebook game a day to feature and showcase their Halloween theme.

Today we feature: Backyard Monsters, a social tower defense game by The Casual Collective that is all about monsters, so they better be doing some cool Halloween event this weekend!

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Backyard Monsters Review

May 7, 2010

Facebook games thrive on the simplest gameplay conceits. Most of Zynga’s oeuvre amounts to clicking tiles. Text RPGs are simple stat-raising exercises. Action games usually involve repeating a single, often silly, action. A game like Backyard Monsters seems completely anomalous in this environment, offering a blend of grand strategy and monster breeding. You can be attacked by wild monsters or, once you’ve reached a certain point, other players. You can also attack other players yourself. That’s a pretty far cry from Café World.

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Backyard Monsters Walkthrough

May 6, 2010

Backyard Monsters is a Facebook game developed by Casual Collective that is strategy based in which players can construct resource gathering, research, defensive and offensive buildings plus hatch monsters that act as soldiers to defend your base. This quick start guide will provide you with tips to get started playing Backyard Monsters.

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