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User review by jennyville


I WANT to like this game. I've been looking for another Resource Management game like MKFTP and Roads of Rome, but this game feel very short. Considering my success at the two former games I feel well qualified to play this game. I was frustrated from the very first bang of the hammer. Once again, like Island Realms the instructions pretty much suck. Harsh but true.

I would love to hear what Gamezebo has to say about this. Can we expect a review?

User review by Piemur


I have to agree with JammyCat. The first game was fun, this one gets tedious. There are only so many times I want to collect food and other resources without feeling some sense of accomplishment. The lack of a tutorial is a problem - you can figure out that you need to destroy/remove a building in order to put up a different one but would it hurt to have a guide or help button? And if you leave the game, you have to start the level all over again. I have started one level over and over again because I get bored with my lack of progress. This may be the first time management game I don't care if I finish.

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User review by JammyCat


I was hoping this game would be like Island Tribe or Jack of All Tribes. It isn't. In this game, you have goals to build things or collect food or other resources. Once you get a garden or fishery going for food, and a woodcutters for wood, you just have to collect things as they are finished. Once you build a wigwam (for Aztecs?), you can add workers to work or to build things. There are blue turkeys that wander around. Although they don't tell you what to do with these, you have to whack them three times by clicking your cursor on them. That collects them and adds to the food goals. I suppose there must be more to do in later levels, but for me it was a yawn.

One thing I didn't like about the game is that you are given goals, but as you complete them, the amount you need is increased. For instance, you start out needing 15 units of food. After you have whacked 15 turkeys, they goal may increase to 30 or 50 units of food. I think there was some way to see the total goals for the level, but the minimum levels are shown on the screen. There is no real tutorial. You just have to grope around to figure out what you need to do.

The graphics are pretty basic, and not even close to some of the better of the genre. You can play in Casual (untimed), or timed mode. I played the game for about 20 minutes, and completed 4 levels. The annoying thing for me was that just whacking turkeys and clicking on logs and apples or fish got really boring. Especially whacking the turkeys. Think of clicking 3 times for each of 50 turkeys. If you have arthritis, this gets painful pretty quick.

When there are so many really great builder/time management games out there, this one seems pretty basic and uninspired by comparison. I gave it two stars because I felt that it might get better in later levels. I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. It's probably worth spending 20 or 30 minutes on to see if it appeals to you.

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User review by Diskette66


Decent game that is reminiscent of Royal Envoy style of play - except that this one takes place on an island and doesn't have the finesse to truly compete with that title.

The first thing you will notice when playing is that there really is no tutorial. This is unfortunate because I suspect people who would like this game might give up on it before truly giving it a chance. If you stick with it and try to experiment for about 5 minutes, you'll eventually start to catch on and by the 3rd level or so, you'll pretty much know what you're doing.

There are ostrich style birds that go by that you must whack and they produce food. Once you have enough food, you can send a worker to a building. You must acquire enough food to repair the building and then you can set to work operating it. You are given goals to fulfill each level and there are 3 star levels you can be awarded, bronze, silver or gold. The game itself features casual or expert level. You are timed in the sense that it will tell you how long you took at the end of the level; however, I did not notice any timer counting down against you. It appears it just keeps track so you can try to beat your own time.

This is a decently entertaining game. Would definitely have benefited from a tutorial but is still worth demoing and giving it a shot.

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