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Azada Birthday Party Chapter 10

Azada Birthday Party Chapter 10When you have the 4 close up windows open, they will show letters and numbers in each picture. The letters spell Abracadabra. Click on the dart board to enlarge it. Then take the darts and click on the numbers that are in the 4 close up windows in the order that will..
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Azada Clockwork Chapter 10

Azada Clockwork Chapter 10Pick up the key from the radiator, and two bells from the table and a slender stick. Combine the slender stick on the smaller bell; then put that on the cuckoo clock.Use the big bell in the soldier clock. Put the key in the box.The box will open and a note will appear. You..
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Azada Pawns solution

Azada Pawns solutionThe yellow dot is where the peg is before the move and the white dot is after the move.
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Azada Matchstick puzzle solutions

Azada Matchstick puzzle solutionsFour squares to three squares - move 3 matchesFour triangles to three triangles - move 2 matchesFive squares to four squares - move 3 matchesThree triangles to four triangles - move 3 matchesFour triangles to six triangles - move 4 matchesChange the direction of the..
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