Awakening Moonfell Wood - Where is the Goblin the second time?

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Awakening Moonfell Wood - Where is the Goblin the second time?

The Goblin isnt where he is supposed to be for the second game.  Any hints or helps to get me past this hump? 

This is an anti-piracy bug that the developers implemented in the game. If your copy has a disappearing goblin, then you obtained it from a pirated source.


I recommend that you buy the legit version instead. Smile

awww ty for the info.. will try that


I'm having the same problem. What if you already played the trial version of them game? I downloaded the trial and played that and then downloaded the full version and the goblin isn't sitting where he's supposed to be. I restarted the game and still nothing. What should I do?

I have the same problem, it's frustrating and dissapointing too when i had got this far!

You should contact customer support where you purchased the game.

Well, Darn,

 I'm really enjoying this game, But the Forgetful Goblin has me frustrated, can't find him . I'll try reinstalling any other BETTER solutions ?

None can find the goblin. It's a bug , pls read this  .


This is the fixed EXE. file because there was a problem with the goblin ?.

Anyways all you have todo is cut/copy then paste to the program files of the game.

which on my upload it will be here >>>> C:\\Program Files\\Awakening Moonfell Wood + Strategy Guide

anyways ENJOY

The Game Can Be Found Here:


Hey i have a link that can help but this website can't accept it in this message...i don't know how to write this link here...

this is the link


from here you will have to download 2 files and copy/paste them to your games' programme files