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Walkthrough by Gamezebo for Aveyond -Gates of Night?

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Walkthrough by Gamezebo for Aveyond -Gates of Night?

Hi guys, I understand that there is a forum with several hints but I was also wondering if Gamezebo will be releasing a detailed strategy guide as they did for Aveyond Lord of Twilight? Many thanks for any feedback.

Still no word on a walkthrough? Could someone please tell us if there's going to be one?

I, too, wonder why no walkthrough.   It seems odd after all this time.  Are the game's creators not allowing it?   What is the problem there?

They're usually put together with approval of someone at Amaranth Games but as Amaranthia is suggesting you buy the one put together by BFG I've a feeling they might be vetoing anyone else from producing a walkthrough elsewhere cos they're getting share of the profit from the BFG one.  This is only an assumption on my part but if its right it sucks - I usually might look at walkthrough maybe once or twice at most for a game when I'm really struggling - no way do I want to have to pay for that as well as the game

Hey guys,


Just wanted to post a link for what looks like a great walkthrough for Aveyond-Gates of Night by over cloud 9. I have used one of his previously for Eternal Eden and was suitably impressed.

This guide appears to cover all quests and side quests including attraction points as well as maps/annotations.


The link is as follows (click on the walkthrough by over cloud 9)




PS I too am curious about the secrecy and lack of response about the walkthough by Gamezebo. This is an excellent site and many commercial games that have walkthroughs for sale also have free guides appear (often the day after). Is this one too complicated or fiddly to create? This isn't a critisicm, I am just curious.

Thank you.

+ The King's Map - South, then east, go to the King's Study, and look in the book shelf. There's a map. Return it to the King.


+ Naylith Summit - Go North, in Brightwood Forest, you'll reach Istir Forest. Then, go east, you'll find the Thial Montain Pass.


- Map (by tiniponi):





+ The 4 Quarter Keys


- Witchwood

- Dragkthor

- Venwood (Faiara)

- Orc Kingdom



+ First Quarter Key in Witchwood (includes solving of the Pirates Quest, and 1 attraction point for Mel).


+ To obtain it:


- Go to Witchwood (Mirewoods), south in Sinoa Plains. Then east in Mirewoods.

- Speak to the witches from the hall (near the Inn), then help them to find the Candy Bag.

- Go to the Stormbend Inn, and speak to the witch there (Harriet). She'll give you a shovel.

- With the canoe (if you don't have it, go where the pirates in Stormbend are, and speak to the man near them), go where the Bomber Bird Nest was, then go south. There should be some stairs.

- A hole is there. Dig it with the shovel that Harriet gave you. Go back at the Witchwood Hall.


+ Pirate Quest:


- Go to the place (in Stormbend), where the Pirates are. Give them the Faux Map that Gretel gave you (from the Candy Bag quest).


And so, here your journey begins, gathering all the Quarter Keys. Take your new ship, and head to Phyree Jungle, then there, south to reach tar Vedron, to the next Intelligence Agency.


+ Side Quests (optional quests):





+ Artifacts for the Thais Museum (includes some side quests):


- Golden Frog - (You need to find Ryda's barcelet from Tar Vedron)

- Broken Wand - Orc Kingdom (Beauty Contest)

- Strange Symbol - Catacombs (You'll find it in a chest)

- Ancient Crown - Dragkthor - Baal




+ Wert's Gold Mine (also, obtaining the Golden Goose egg):


- First, you need to solve the Pirate Quest

- Return to the Dwarf Mines (explore the "rooms", till you find the pirates crew)

- Return to Wert, he'll leave the house




+ Ralph's Family Memoir:


- Speak to Ralph in Harburg, you'll find him near the shops

- Search the Catacombs, first, you need to pull some levers to open the double gate


+ Ryda's Barcelet (Phyree Jungle):


- Just search the Phyree Jungle, in your way to Mali Desert, you'll see a sparkle. That's Ryda's barcelet.


+ Mother in Law (also, obtaining the Ice Bird Egg):


- Talk to Naomi, in the house.

- Deliver the 2 love letters to her borther, and Tylin (their houses are near Naomi's)

- Go to the Tar Vedron fountain, and talk to Naomi's brother and Tylin

- Talk to Tylin, then talk to her mother

- Go to the fountain again

- Talk to Naomi, she'll give your her Ice Bird Egg




+ Find sapphire for Hakkar (2 options):


- You can give the sapphire from Istir Forest (if you have it)

- You can wait later in the game to reach the Rose Forest (near Naylith), to loot it from floral monsters




+ Lydia Clone Quest (also obtaining her first book):


- Go to the Venwood Library, and interact with the blue book that's on a table near the old woman

- The old woman will ask you to bring the book that Lydia's clone stole. Near the river, it's the clone

- Talk to it, and then, check King Lionel's statue, and you'll find the missing book. Return the book to      the woman, and then talk to the clone.





+ Butterfly wings for Dioni:


- You can buy them at Naylith.


+ Missing wand:


- In the forest, you'll meet a fairy that says she lost her wand

- You can find her wand in the Mirror Caverns





+ Harp String (also, unlocking the Sky Garden):


- Talk to Pia, near the Naylith entrance.

- Go to Chateau Leonore and talk to Sienna (or her mother), for the harp string.

- Return to Naylith, and give the harp string to Pia.




+ Main Quests (quests that you need to do to obtain the Quarter Keys):


+ First Quarter Key in Witchwood (includes solving of the Pirates Quest, and 1 attraction point for Mel).



+ Defeating the Dragon for the Quarter Key (strategies):


- Mel - Trip, or attack

- Edward - Ice Diamond, or Pearl (Ruby, if you have it).

- Stella - Heal Party, Fire Shield Extora

- Te'ijal - Drain



+ To reach Faiara:


- You need to rescue Hal from the Waterways

- Interact with the Gate that leads to Faiara

- Talk to the Queen in the Castle from Venwood



+ Find Hal (Waterways):


- You need to learn to swim, in the Orc Kingdom

- You need an Oil Can: - Head north in Venwood to the Queen's Palace

                                      - Search her castle, in a chest you'll find an Oil Can

-  Search fully the Waterways, to find Hal.


+ IMPORTANT NOTE: Hal *isn't* in a boarded up cave. You just need to search the Waterways. ;-)



+ Rescue Hercules:


- Speak to Hercules, in the Slave Quarters

- Interact with the chest that is there

- Go to the Tavern

- Speak to the orcs from there

- A battle will start between two of them, the guardian will come to watch the fight (pretty primitive, huh?), and you'll be free to free Hercules (Uh-uh, I hate him! You'll see why.)



+ Rescue Ulf (The orc Prison, and also obtaining a Quarter Key):


- Talk to Ulf

- Go to the Orc Kingdom

- Talk to the Investigator

- Go to Ulf's house

- Talk to the man that is near the footprints in the front of the house

- Interact with the footprints

- Go in Ulf's house, and take the 2 pair of shoes.

- Go to the Investigator

- Talk to the Guards in the front of the Orc Castle

- You'll be thrown in the prison, talk to Ulf

- Search the walls for an exit

- Return to the Orc Castle, and speak to the guard that is in the back entrance.

- The rest is up to you. Gotta get past those guards. ;-)



+ Getting rid of the Toad (the toad that stole Fairy Queen's throne):


- Go south in the forest near Faiara. There'll be some stairs.

- Talk to the toad (that's actually the Fairy Queen)

- Use the fairy dust on her.

- Return to the palace (north Faiara)

- Talk to the Fairy Queen, she'll give you the last quarter key.



+ Mushroom for the fairy Children:


- Speak to the fairies that are in a circle, in Faiara

- Go south, in the forest near Faiara, to the Mirror Caverns

- Search the Mirror Caverns to find Medusa, fight with her (she'll put a love spell on Edward, so he won't be able to fight. You'll need to fight him too.)

- After fighting her, go to the fairies, and give them the mushroom.

- They'll open an portal to another forest area. There is fairy dust. Take it.


 ~Naylith (near the end)~ 


- Return to the Naylith Summit, and put the Quarter Keys in the circle

- An egg will appear there, go at the Moo Matchery to hatch it

- The bird will hatch, and fly at Naylith Summit. Go again there.

- You'll find the bird on the cage, go in the cage, and the bird will take you to the Rose Forest.

-  Head north, after the Stella scene, go in the cave to find the Orb of Light.

- You'll meet Hercules, talk to him. Then continue exploring the cave.

- You'll find a giant, you need to fight him, to continue your way to the Orb of Light.

-  After the battle, Stella will open a secret way to the orb.

- After the "smashing the orb" scene, go to the Istir Forest, and find the Aveyond Portal.

- Talk to the Oracle.

-  The Oracle will tell you to find Stella (she escaped), you'll find her in a cave, in Istir Forest.

- Gyendal will kidnap Mel, you'll need to go to Ghed'ahre. You'll need a Death Certificate, Gyendal will drop it.

- Go to Shadow Woods (south), and then in the Catacombs. You'll find the entrance in the Underworld.

- In Ghed'ahre, head to the Cathedral where Gyendal was the first time, planning to bring Mel to Ghed'ahre. Head north Ghed'ahre, to the Wyrm Forest. You'll find the Memory Caves. Go in, and explore (fully), to find the Orb of Life. After that, go again to the Cathedral, and fight to the Vampire Thugs. Head again north to the Wyrm Forest, and then go in again in the Memory Caverns, to find Stella.

Zyra You rock my friend!!!!!!! This is great and very helpful!

thanks lots.

Hi guys... I was woundering if any of you could tell me how can I defeat medusa In the mirror cavern? I am fighting with Mel and Lydia and Te'ijal and Galahad. And I'm not able to defeat her... Thanks...