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Auto Hustle is high-jacking Facebook. Complete jobs for powerful crime figures, buy and steal rare cars, and collect powerful weapons. All in a massive fully-interactive city. Do you have what it takes for a life of crime?

Gamezebo Cribs: Metrogames edition

Sep 6, 2011

With a diverse line-up of social and mobile games that includes titles like Tea4Friends, Auto Hustle, and Fashion World, Metrogames boasts nearly six million monthly active users worldwide, and that's on Facebook aline. And with headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it's also part of one of the fastest growing regions in gaming. In this latest edition of Gamezebo Cribs we head into the offices of Metrogames to see what the game development studio looks like on the inside.

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Auto Hustle Review

Apr 29, 2011

While at its core Auto Hustle is a straight conversion of Grand Theft Auto for Facebook, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Get this: You are a criminal, and you don’t care too much for anyone else but you. Armed with an apartment, jobs, and a few guns, you can go out and conquer the city as you see fit.

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Auto Hustle Preview

Oct 30, 2010

It all started out so innocently. For years now, Facebook has been rightly or wrongly associated with disarmingly endearing characters and bucolic bouts of farming, and most brutal action largely goes on in text in grittier games such as Mafia Wars. MetroGames’ Auto Hustle seeks to change all that. Taking Rockstar’s famed and controversial Grand Theft Auto formula and sprinkling it with a few doses of social gaming, Auto Hustle brings GTA’s saga of car theft, mass murder, and inevitable reckless driving to Facebook while suffering a few wrecks in the process.

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