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In Astroslugs, you're presented with a empty grid and a list of polyomino shapes that have to be fit into the playfield in such a way that no gaps are left behind. It starts off easy, with only a handful of simple shapes, but the difficulty gradually increases to include more complex shapes, rotation, mirroring and overlapping.

Astroslugs Review

Aug 5, 2011

You’re an alien. You’re, like, totally evil and what not. Evil in the “take over the world” way, not just normal “push an old lady alien down a moon hill” way. Step 1 to this plan is to get off your home planet and start the super hostile takeover of the other alien places on your list. The only problem is that you don’t have enough alien ship energy to get off your planet. This simply won’t do so you turn to a young whipper-snapper alien kid to solve the riddle of the ancient slug balls, harvesting their energy and jump-starting your ship. It’s go time, baby!

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Astroslugs Preview

Aug 2, 2010

A "polyomino" is a geometric shape that's made up of one or more squares. The most famous is probably the domino, which is made up of two. It was Tetris that first convinced us that arranging such shapes into perfect rows could be immensely fun, and since then dozens of developers have offered their own unique spins on the concept. The latest is Astroslugs, an upcoming puzzler from indie studio Bit Barons.

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