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What is the source of this unending evil that has visited Italy in the form of an epidemic? And where is dear Claudia? Find clues to these mysteries and more in Apothecarium Premium Edition, a hidden object adventure set in the mess of the plague in the Middle Ages. During the time of the plague and rampant leprosy, the aristocrat Adriano discovers his daughter Claudia is missing. As Adriano, your search for Claudia leads you to the strange town of Apothecarium established by the brightest minds of Italy as a place to collaborate and discover a cure for the epidemic. To your horror, you discover Apothecarium is abandoned, and to make matters worse, the cold-blooded alchemist Adverno has kidnapped the Duchess of Midici. Although it seems he has spared her life, Adverno has left a trail of blood. Uncover the mysterious happenings in Appothecarium for yourself when you try the free trial version of Apotecarium Premium Edition. Or download the full-unlimited version today to enjoy all the great bonuses the Premium Edition has to offer!

Apothecarium - The Renaissance of Evil Review

Jun 25, 2013

An unconventional hidden object game in many respects, Apothecarium – The Renaissance of Evil goes out of its way to give you your fair share of excitement. In addition to a good old fashioned story of medieval science and plagues, you'll come across monster battles, optional match-3 puzzles, plenty of mini-games, and more conjurer's tricks than you can shake an alchemist's glove at.

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