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User review by sotong


This game was ok.

Average graphics, easy story. Basic HOG with quite a lot of puzzles such as matching pairs, jigsaws thrown in. Player earns money during gameplay and use it to buy stuff to decorate the antique shop.

User review by greengem418


I really enjoyed this game. As much as I enjoy adventure games, sometimes it's nice to play something that's not so hectic. There was a story to this, which was to restore the antique shop, but it really only stated it in the beginning and at the end.

Hidden object searches came in different variations, some of which were hidden within other objects in the room, which I thought was very creative. Puzzles were also incorporated into some of the scenes, making it feel as if each scene really had variety. It was also fun to dress up the dog :)

Graphics were gorgeous, music was fitting for the theme of the game, and dialogue was not annoying - This is one satisfied gamer.

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User review by Gardensafari


I liked what I saw, but could not play the game.
It starts in a small window. This window is far too small to find the objects.
But when you select 'full screen' the program crashes.
Even redownloaded the game and did a reinstall: no difference: it happily crashed after selecting 'full screen'.
I saw on the Internet many had the same problem. First reports March last year.
But apparently nothing has been done about it by the producers.
The others here either played on a different platform or were lucky.
Knowing that many others had the same problems, I quickly got rid of the game.

I can't believe faulty products like these are still being released...

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User review by hilofoz


I found Antique Road Trip 2: Homecoming not quite as good as the first ART. The reason is that I found nothing really new, and the shopping and achievements were not quite as fun. There was a lot less incentive in this game version, and I thought that the music and the type of games would have changed a little. It also seemed to be a much shorter game than the first, and I did not think that the graphics were as good.

I played the ART 1 on my iPad, and I had decided to play the next came on my Mac on my big screen, as I did find the hidden objects rather small on the iPad.

I think that this game, should it come out as a third installment, should change quite a bit. The same old format and sound track does tend to get a little dreary.

User review by tutor


I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first one. I love feeding the cute puppy. The whole game was a lot more enjoyable and I actually enjoyed looking for articles. The games were fun also.

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User review by i24unicorn


Loved the first one, Loved the second one. I like that when your in a scene, for example, the one with the seaplane, you can go into the plane, or look into the toolbox or the basket. If you need another hint more quickly, you just have to find a doggie bone. They didn't have that in the first one. The first game had piles of cash that you had to find, and I found that there was about three piles of cash in the hidden object scenes. Not in the mini-games. Can't wait for the third game to come out. Very upbeat, happy, bright game. Something you can relax, sit back and play!!!

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User review by suzyoz


This game is just FUN FUN FUN! No missing/dead relatives, no treking backwards & forwards, no dark mansions. While I like to solve mysteries I do need some lightheartedness & cute puppies do it for me (total dog lover). Wish there were more fun HO games.

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User review by pwrgrl


This game is perfect for HOG lovers in want of a lighthearted good time simply searching your heart out while solving easy puzzles now and again. There is no story to follow, no bloody murder to solve and just enough challenge to keep things interesting. The graphics are sharp and colorful and provide lots of nice things to look at while searching HOG scenes and there is a new antique shop to decorate and stock.

I was happily surprised with a few changes from the first game in this series. The HOG scenes are now interactive and require a little additional work to uncover all the items customers are in search of. Instead of finding extra piles of money scattered through the scene (which I admit I miss), there are bone treats to feed your puppy which recharges your hints immediately.

There are a couple of new puzzles also included, most notably an easy match-3 that break things up from constantly searching. The music is foot-tappingly cheerful but won’t be for everyone; this is the ideal game to play while listening to your own favorite soundtrack.

Some players will find this game too saccharine but it’s just what I’m looking for when I want a quick HOG fix but have limited time, not necessarily something I’d spend hours at a time playing. The puppy is the perfect mascot for this game: cute, cuddly and with nothing to do but play and enjoy!!

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User review by jennsmom


This is a great sequel to Antique Road Trip and enjoyable for anyone who likes straight HOGs, although there are also some mini games. The only ones I don't like are the Spot the Differences, but that's a personal quirk. It's bright and colorful and cheerful. I even like the banjo music and there's more to do in this game than in the first. I have found all the dog biscuits so far...I think. Just a light fun game and several hours of play.

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User review by elldee


Wahoo! The developer and BFG have given us a Monday-morning classic! This is a light-hearted, tap-your-foot, feel-good, believe-it-or-not IHOG! I was caught up with the soundtrack b4 anything really got started. I must admit, though, the banjo music can get a bit over-the-top. The options menu has the goodies, including cursor choice--the game one worked well. There are two play modes--Timed and Untimed.

The graphics are outstanding, the hidden objects are clear and colorful, and the re-upping hint system can't be beat! Choose your pooch (I opted for the Golden Retriever)--a big help, if you need it--find doggie treats to re-up the cutie even faster! The inventory seems to be a "find-it-use-it-now" type--really good! So far (20 minutes in), the mini-games are easy, and with instructions. And guess what? Strategy Guide! How about that! I wouldn't call it a full-blown one like we'd see with a CE, but it's pretty comprehensive.

I'd pay for this one, but I've got one more BFG Punchcard code--I'm using it!

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