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Part One

You begin outside the house. The door is locked and you don't want to break the window.

Off to the right is a cabin with the door locked with a chain. On the left of this scene is a tree stump with an axe. Take the axe and use it on the door.

You see feathers flying and that's the HO scene.

You get the ladder.

Back at the front of the house you can pick up that rock in the lower left. Click on the shuttered window and now you can do something. The shutter falls and you can use the rock to smash the window and gain access. You have to be in close up mode for the rock to work.

Inside click on the hat or the book on the table, I forget which, to activate the HO scene.

When you have found all the items a puzzle pops up. Look at the shadow outline and pick the item that fits it.

You should now have a key, a ladder, a sword, a ring and a coin in your inventory.

Click around on stuff. When you click on the door a message says the shutters have been closed and you need to find another way out.

Begin clicking on items to move stuff around. The Fat vase in the lower right, the rug, the chair, the book case, and you find a trap door.

The key opens the door and with the ladder you climb down.

Click on the hammer and a message says its too dark. Click on the hammer again to take it.

Use the hammer to smash each of the window in the upper right corner.

Do the HO scene.

You get 4 pieces of "inscribed stone". Use them on the star shaped thing in the center of the room. A goblet appears.

Click through the scene till you see the chapter one begin.

I tested it and you can exit at this point and you will be saved to here.

The gist of it all is your character thinks she dreamed it all and now discovers she's inherited this house. The same one in her dream but looking better.

The door is still locked but this time you have a key. In the close up you can pick up the axe on the right railing.

The key opens the door to a hallway with a locked door to the left and an unlocked one to the right.

Everything looks like her dream. Click on table for the HO scene.

You get the key, the coin and the sword.

Once again, click the vase, the chair, the rug, bookcase. Use the key. The trap door opens but I forgot to find the ladder.

Back outside, go to the right to the cabin. Use the hatchet on the lock. If you try it on the door it won't work.

Do the Ho scene. You get the ladder.

Back to the trap door, use the ladder to enter the basement.

Its dark but you can click on the light string to turn it on. Do the HO scene. You get the box. You notice an angel outside the window.

Back outside you pick up the angel and the scene shows you unlocking the box to find a ring inside follow the scenes to Chapter two.

I didn't see directions to hunt for differences between the ring she had and the one on the net but I clicked on the ring several times while feathers flew. It seems the priest may have changed rings on her?

save point

I stopped here where I could see the priest out side the door.

Here you need to move from spot to spot till you get through the door. Only move when the priest has his back to you.

Once in the door you need to notice the numbers on the door. Look at the stones with the templer crosses on them. Push them in the order of the numbers on the door.

To open the inner door after the conversation push the buttons till the bars all disapear and the door opens.

Inside it seems empty but there is a painting on the wall with pieces missing. Find them in the scene. Just finding them opens a tunnel door to the left.

Enter the chapel and do the HO scene.

You get to keep the documents.

Click on the devil like statue and his positions change.

When both arms are upraised the doors below open

click on the church and follow the dialog.

Now you go to chapter two.

Save point


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