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An adventure even Indy couldn’t survive: Zynga to close Adventure World

Nov 21, 2012

There was a time when Indiana Jones’ worst fear was snakes, but if you asked him today, he might be whistling a different tune.  Zynga has announced that Adventure World will be retiring from Facebook on January 14th, 2013.

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Adventure World maker Zynga Boston GM seeks adventure elsewhere

Feb 9, 2012

Adventure World Indiana JonesCue that piano jam from The Incredible Hulk. The Boston Globe and Mass High Tech report that Zynga Boston GM Nabeel Hyatt has left the Zynga subsidiary studio to become a partner at investment firm Spark Capital. Hyatt oversaw the studio's (formerly Conduit Labs), development of Adventure World, Zynga's first game to receive a complete branding overhaul with Indiana Jones.

"The office is still strong and growing," Hyatt told Boston Globe via e-mail, "with a solid success with 'Adventure World' and some other projects underway." According to The Boston Globe, former Pixar animation director and Adventure World product lead Fareed Mosavat has replaced Hyatt as general manager of Cambridge-based Zynga Boston.

Adventure World currently sits at 5.8 million monthly and 790,000 daily players, according to AppData, and hardly one of Zynga's eighth most popular with nearly 10 million fewer monthly players than Empires & Allies. Unfortunately, the game has seen a steady decline since receiving the branding makeover.

Hyatt's background is primarily in in all things entrepreneurial--he founded Conduit Labs to create music-centric social games--so the move makes sense. However, with Adventure World facing a downturn, it will be interesting to see what Zynga Boston cooks up next. Perhaps it's time for something entirely different at Zynga, like a return to the studio's musical roots.

Are you an avid Adventure World fan? What do you think/hope Zynga Boston might be up to next? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.


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Adventure World Library of Alexandria Expedition: Everything you need to know

Feb 2, 2012

As we continue our trek through Egypt in Adventure World, we'll come across the ancient Library of Alexandria in an Expedition of the same name. Sallah, Indiana Jones' friend, will be on hand to help you out here, and you'll have six full days to complete the three quests within. Let's get started!

X Marks the Spot
  • Ask friend for 12 Pairs of Library Gloves
  • Investigate 12 Stone Bookcases
  • Investigate Librarian Statue
  • Go to Map Room

The Library Gloves are earned through a general news item posted on your wall. The Bookcases, meanwhile, are placed mostly in large groups in the various alcoves of this map. The Librarian Statue is towards the back of the map, and you can click on the "Show Me" button if you want to spot her from far away. Finally, the Map Room is the very back room of the map, near the large statue of Anubis (the dark blue dog).

Fire in the Library!
  • Extinguish 36 Fires
  • Extinguish 9 Small Bookcases
  • Rescue 8 Library Cats

By simply touching the Library Cat at the very beginning of the map, you'll set off a wide array of fires in the library. Of course, fire and books don't mix well, so you'll need to click on each individual square to extinguish the fires before the whole place goes up in flames!

Dastardly Deeds
  • Collect 8 Arson Notes
  • Collect 4 Arson Kits
  • Investigate 4 Riddle Scrolls
  • Investigate Rope

The Arson Notes and Arson Kits are scattered around the map, blocked either by more fire squares or by color-coded traps that require you to interact with statues to deactivate them. The rope is at the very far end of the map, near the area blocked with all of the black smoke.

Remember, since you have six days to complete this entire Expedition, you should have no problem clearing out the mass amount of fire squares on the map. Even then, you don't technically have the clear them all, so long as you extinguish enough to make yourself clear paths around the map. Add a bit of strategy to your gameplay and you'll come out of this one on top.

Check out the rest of our Adventure World Cheats & Tips right here.

What do you think of this newest Expedition? Do you like the use of fire in place of bushes and plants? Let us know in the comments.


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Adventure World Riverfront Rescue Expedition: Everything you need to know

Jan 28, 2012

After months in the dense, wet jungle, we can now travel to the dry deserts of Egypt with Indiana Jones in Adventure World. There's a slew of new content available in this equally new territory, with one Expedition being called Riverfront Rescue. Indy's on hand, and you'll be able to travel around this new map-type to help rescue Indy's friend Sallah. As usual, we're here with a guide to help you do just that.

Rescue Sallah!
  • Recover Sallah's Old Shovel
  • Recover Sallah's Red Fez
  • Recover Sallah's Cummerbund
  • Speak to Sallah

This map is fairly lengthy, and contains new dust clouds that cover areas of the map from your view, which work the same as regular clouds on the Jungle maps. As most of the map is comprised of various shades of tan, feel free to hit the "Show Me" button within this quest menu to have the game pinpoint exactly where each item is.

Snakes and Scropians: Oh My!
  • Ask friends for 10 Venom Vials
  • Collect 5 Scorpion Tails
  • Collect 5 Cobra Teeth

As you interact with the items on this map, Scorpions will automatically appear to fight you, so don't worry if you don't see any at first glance. Meanwhile, Snakes can be spotted in little corners of the map - mostly areas that would wouldn't need to go to if you were just completing the main quest here. Finally, the Venom Vials are earned through a general request posted on your wall. Luckily, you have six days to finish this entire Expedition, if your friends don't help you out on your first time posting. It should also be noted that you need the Venom Vials before you can pick up the Tails and Teeth, as they're contain venom and you need a place to store them (the game physically won't let you pick them up without the vials).

Egyptian Treasure
  • Get 10 Emerald Scarabs
  • Get 10 Garnet Scarabs
  • Get 5 Lapis Pyramids
  • Enter a Treasure Cave

Instead of Jade and Ruby Vases, or even Azure Skulls as in previous maps, in Egypt, you'll instead be able to find different colors of Scarabs. Some of these are sitting out in the open, in plain view, while others are hidden in sand piles. You'll need a Shovel to dig these up, but don't bother trying to buy one from the store. Remember Sallah's shovel we have to recover for this Expedition? That's right, you'll be able to use it to dig these items out of the sand. Of course, once you remove the sand, you'll still have to spend another energy to pick the item up, so this map becomes pretty energy intensive rather quickly.

If you can finish this entire Expedition in the six days allotted, you'll have rescued Sallah and become even closer with our pal Indy. This is just the first of many adventures you'll have with Indy in Egypt, so keep checking back with us as we give you the details on completing even more of them!

Check out the rest of our Adventure World Cheats & Tips right here.

What do you think of this first Egyptian Expedition in Adventure World? Do you like the changes added to the map (the sand piles and scorpions)? Sound off in the comments.


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Adventure World Storage Shed: Everything you need to know

Jan 27, 2012

While the last few weeks have been pretty generous in Adventure World, giving us plenty of items to use in decorating our Base Camps, what if you're tired of looking at a few items (say, those Christmas-themed items that simply don't apply anymore). Well, you wouldn't want to delete them, since you may never have a chance to have them again, so why not store them? Oh, right, the game won't let you... at least, not for much longer. That's right, a storage shed is coming to Adventure World!

While the Storage Shed isn't available to all players just yet, we do have the details for what you'll need to do to build one, courtesy of Zynga's official Adventure World blog. You'll need to purchase the Storage Shed from the buildings section of the store, and will then need to ask your friends to send you building ingredients.

  • 4 Corrugated Walls
  • 4 Roof Panels
  • 4 Work Lights
  • 4 Door Hinges
  • 4 Lock Hinges
  • 4 Electric Cables

Once you've collected these first items, you'll be able to store 10 items in your Storage Shed. You can add items to it by clicking on the new "Store" icon and then choosing the particular decorations that you want to store. You'll be able to upgrade the Storage Shed (presumably by collecting more and more building ingredients), eventually taking the building's maximum storage capacity to 100 individual items. While this does include the Christmas Holiday Tree, we've been warned that not all individual items can be stored. Those items will be the exception, however, and not the rule.

Just keep looking out for this new Storage Shed in your own game, as it will apparently launch to all users pretty soon.

Check out the rest of our Adventure World Cheats & Tips right here.

Are you excited to be able to finally store items in Adventure World, or do you like keeping everything out to remind you of your adventures with the game? Sound off in the comments.


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Adventure World: Play Hidden Chronicles for free Statue and Energy

Jan 24, 2012

And the Hidden Chronicles cross-promotional train keeps a-rollin', with the newest stop being in Adventure World. Interestingly enough, the game's promotional emails, and even the in-game button allowing you to play Hidden Chronicles doesn't say how many levels you'll need to earn in Hidden Chronicles before being eligible for rewards back on your Base Camp.

As most other promotions ask you to just reach Level 5, or Level 6 in the case of FarmVille's promotion, if you've already done that, you should have little to worry about. If this is your first time playing the game, however, you can easily reach Level 5 in one or two sittings, shortly after finishing the in-game tutorial.

Regardless of when or how you make it to Level 5, when you come back to Adventure World, you'll receive two bonuses for completing this cross-promotion: a free Victorian Statue for your Base Camp and a complete Energy Bar refill. As energy is the biggest commodity in Adventure World, that's a pretty great prize (especially if you're down to the wire on completing one of the game's many Expeditions).

It's likely that this promotion will only be available to complete for the next few weeks, so make sure to play Hidden Chronicles quickly. After all, you'll receive rewards in almost every Zynga game on Facebook, so why not claim as many as you can?

Have you already reached Level 5/6 in Hidden Chronicles, or will you just start playing the game now for these Adventure World rewards? Sound off in the comments.


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Adventure World Scientific Study Expedition: Everything you need to know

Jan 17, 2012

While most Expeditions in Adventure World deal only with completing quests within themselves, or perhaps even over-arching storylines across multiple Expeditions, the new Scientific Study Expedition is a bit more important, as it will help you build Emily's Zoology Tent back on your Base Camp. As we've told you, Emily's Zoology Tent allows you to earn some of the animals that you'll interact with on Expeditions, but you'll need to collect ingredients for it first. Those ingredients can be earned by asking friends or completing this Scientific Survey Expedition.

To start this Expedition, you'll need 100 Supplies, along with two each of Food, Fuel and Water. You'll have five days to finish it off, so let's get started.

The Jungle Provides
  • Ask friends for 12 Tough Vines
  • Build 6 Vine Bridges
  • Recover 6 Zoology Caches

The Tough Vines come from a general news post you'll place on your wall. You can also find some at random by whacking bushes. You'll need two vines for each bridge you'd like to construct, with the caches themselves being found at the top left-hand corner of the map.

Flower Power
  • Collect 5 Pink Flower Pollen
  • Collect 5 Blue Flower Pollen
  • Collect 5 Orange Flower Pollen
  • Use Medicine Table to Make Mixtures

Don't worry about actually collecting pollen - just picking the flowers off of the map will add them to their respective tallies. The table can be found to the right of a large blue push block, but you'll need to collect at least three flower pollen before actually using the table (that is, you'll end up using it five times).

Frontiers of Science
  • Collect 9 Outpost Materials
  • Use 8 Tent Sites to Build Outpost
  • Use Generator to Power Outpost

The Outpost Materials come in standard wooden crates that can simply be "used" with a single click to open them. The Generator is near the Medicine Table in the quest above, right beside a Well. It requires three energy to "use" completely. Finally, the Tent Sites are right next to the Generator, represented by piles of wood on the map. You will need to use Outpost Materials to construct the tents, so you'll want to look out for those wooden crates first.

When you complete this Expedition, you will likely have gathered all of the parts necessary to complete Emily's Zoology Tent back on your Base Camp, and can begin to use the structure to gather animals from the game's various Expeditions. It's a neat new feature, but whether or not it's worth the trouble of actually building it will be up to you.

Check out the rest of our Adventure World Cheats & Tips right here.

What do you think of Emily's Zoology Tent and this Scientific Survey Expedition? Will you complete the tent without playing through this Expedition, or do you need all of the help you can get in earning its building materials? Sound off in the comments.


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Adventure World Emily's Zoology Tent: Everything you need to know

Jan 17, 2012

In keeping with the other character-themed buildings released previously in Adventure World, bookworm Emily has now been given her very own Tent. Of course, you'll need to build it first.

Emily's Zoology Tent is unlike the other tents in the game (like Zoey's Tent, for instance), in that you'll be able to use it to collect wild animals from Expeditions, rather than using it to create gadgets that can be used to overcome obstacles. To build it, you'll need to collect 60 materials, all of which can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you:

  • 15 Food Bowls
  • 15 Cuddlebugs
  • 15 Chew Toys
  • 15 Pooper Scoopers

In addition to asking your friends or purchasing these ingredients with Adventure Cash, you can also play a special map called the "Scientific Survey" to collect these parts. The Scientific Survey is a new Expedition found immediately after Cave of Montezuma on the list. It requires just 100 Supplies, and two each of Food, Fuel and Water to start. You'll have five days to complete it once you begin, and we'll have a complete guide for you on how to finish the expedition just as soon as we can you can find our complete guide to completing this Expedition right here.

Check out the rest of our Adventure World Cheats & Tips right here.

Are you excited to see another building project added to Adventure World, especially if it gives you a chance at new animals? Sound off in the comments.


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Adventure World: Donate to Water.org for free Baby Seal

Jan 17, 2012

Say it with me now: Awwww! Baby Seals - you can't get much cuter than that! If you agree, you can now have one of your very own on your Base Camp in Adventure World, by simply donating to Water.org via a new in-game charity promotion. You'll find this promotion on the far right side of your screen, and can click on a button to learn more about Water.org through the company's website.

If you choose to donate, you'll need to spend $5 (apparently $25 is enough to bring one person clean water for life) and will receive Oscar the Baby Seal as your special gift. It's likely that this promotion will only be available for a few weeks at most, so you'll want to donate fast if you're at all interested in doing so.

This isn't the first time that Zynga has partnered with Water.org (most recently, CastleVille donated to Water.org for reaching 5 million Fan Page Likes), and we doubt it will be the last. Should another opportunity like this arise in Adventure World, we'll make sure to let you know.

So, what do you think? Will you donate $5 to Water.org to receive Oscar the Baby Seal in your game? Sound off in the comments.


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Adventure World Treasure Seeker Challenge: Everything you need to know

Jan 9, 2012

Back in the fall of 2011, we saw a new feature added to Adventure World in the form of Treasure Caves. These Treasure Caves have become part of many Expeditions within the game, but aren't open to all players automatically. That is, you need to keep a supply of Rusty Keys on hand to open their locks, and only then can you go inside to claim the treasures that await. Through the game's newest Challenge though, you have an opportunity to win a permanent key that will eliminate your need to ask friends for another ever again.

To be specific, this Challenge is called Treasure Seeker, and it requires you to open as many Treasure Caves as you can within a six day time limit. As with the Snake Tamer or A Friend To Many Challenges released at the beginning of the year, there are different reward levels for this Treasure Seeker event, based on how many Treasure Caves you can actually open up within those six days. For opening just two caves, you'll receive 250 coins and some XP. If you can open five caves, you'll receive three Rusty Keys. Open 15 caves and you'll receive six Rusty Keys, and finally, if you can open 50 Treasure Caves within these six days, you'll receive the fantastic Rusty Skeleton Key. This key will open any Treasure Cave in the entire game, and can be used as many times as you'd like, thereby eliminating your need to ask friends to send you keys in the first place.

While that's a pretty big number of caves to open, keep in mind that you can repeat Expeditions as often as necessary to reach the total. So long as you have the energy, Supplies and other items necessary to access the Expeditions, you can go through them again and again, opening all of the Treasure Caves on those particular maps.

So you think you have what it takes to earn this Rusty Skeleton Key in the Treasure Seeker Challenge? Did you completing finish the first two Challenges released in the game? Sound off in the comments.


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