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Adventure World tips, tricks and cheats

Building dig sites is a great way to make extra gold, but be careful as to which ones you build because two of them are absolutely useless. Precious dig sites, which cost 100 gold and earn 15 gold per hour, are a great income source, but they take a lot of energy to keep checking every hour...
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great wall

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Friends' energy icon

When you look at the row of your friends at the bottom of the screen, you might notice that some have a green energy/lightning icon next to them. This shows that you can perform tasks at their base camp again; this way, you don't need to drop by every now and then to see if your friendship energy..
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Use friends to fight animals

When you have friends that you can hire, use them to fight animals you encounter in a level. While an animal that attacks you costs you energy, a hired friend that is attacked will not lose any energy.
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Hidden Caves

Bushes with little white flowers have hidden caves where you can find vases and blue skills.
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