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Game Information has launched an all-new Adventure Time free-to-play online game, Adventure Time Game Creator. Going beyond simple gameplay, the Adventure Time Game Creator gives fans the opportunity to create the games themselves. Players can build algebraic Adventure Time games featuring Finn and Jake, each with their own special attacks and powers. With a host of objectives, hazards, power-ups and environments at the creator’s disposal, a virtually endless number of game builds are possible. Once a new game is created, it can be shared in an online gallery and played by everyone.

Cartoon Network launches Adventure Time Game Creator

Jul 12, 2013

WHAT TIME IS IT?! Adventure Time! We’ve already seen the insanely popular Cartoon Network show spawn off a number of video game titles, from smartphone and tablet action games, to a Legend of Zelda-inspired 3DS adventure, to even a full-fledged console release coming later on this year. Given the extremely bizarre nature of the show, imagination is the key to success with this franchise: so why not let you, the Adventure Time fans create the next big gaming adventure for Finn and Jake to go on?

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