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Adventure Bar Story Review

Mar 9, 2012

A lot of North American gamers were pretty disappointed when it was revealed that Adventure Bar of Wonderland Portable wasn't going to get a PlayStation Store release outside of Japan. Pretty much out of nowhere, though, the game was announced for iOS, under the new title of Adventure Bar Story. Even though the game's got a lot of people interested in its combination of RPG and restaurant management gameplay, the iOS port never quite comes together to create a truly great experience.

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Adventure Bar Story Preview

Jan 28, 2012

Last summer, Adventure Bar of Wonderland Portable came to Japan's PlayStation Store and snagged a lot of attention because of its premise — a 16-Bit title that blended full-on restaurant management gameplay with turn-based RPG battling/exploration. While PSP players in the West haven't received a localized version yet, the game is about to be released over here for iOS under the new title Adventure Bar Story. TouchArcade got to spend some hands-on time with recent build of the game, and it honestly sounds like it'll blend all your favorite things about JRPGs and management sims.

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