Adelantado Trilogy: Book One Overview

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Adelantado Trilogy: Book One Review

Jul 25, 2012

It’s the Age of Discovery, and Spain is interested in nothing more than traveling to uncharted lands filled with gold. However, when a Spanish expedition goes missing, the goals become more complicated. As the leader of a second expedition, you’ll follow in the footsteps of the missing Spaniards, and must track down any survivors while also gathering any gold you come across for the crown. 

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Adelantado Trilogy: Book One Preview

Jun 22, 2012

In the Age of Discovery, the leaders of Spain are interested in expanding the country’s grasp via uncharted territories overseas (that they believe are full of gold and riches). The Spanish Queen has assigned a group of explorers to the task, but when the expedition falls silent, an officer by then name of Don Diego De Lion is called in to investigate.

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