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By: Everplay
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Jan 15, 2013

Gamezebo is plenty of fun in your browser, but did you know we can be just as exciting on-the-go?  Our Wanna Play app for iPhone lets mobile gamers know what games are on the horizon, mark the ones they like as “wanna play,” and even get a push notification when they’re released!

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Ace of Blades Preview

Nov 28, 2012

The iOS game library is filled with survival games. That makes sense, since most of us wouldn’t be able to survive without our smartphones (*rimshot*). One of the most beloved titles in the genre is Spell Sword,an action-heavy survival game that challenges you to slash, slash, slash at endless enemy hordes (though the game also encourages copious magic use). Everplay, the studio behind Spell Sword, wants you to oil up your sword arm again for Ace of Blades, the iOS-based successor to Spell Sword.

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