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User review by Duckyohara


You've been chosen to defeat the Evil that has plagued the city of Prague in the 14th century -- you're the "Descendant"! Nine ghostly figures in nine locations must be appeased before they give you their magic amulet/medallion. They ask for things like wine, a sign of death, a sign of life. Hmmmm, so if they're so concerned about saving the city, wouldn't they just GIVE you their medallion? Anyway, you have to gather nine of these and place them at the table at the top of the red carpeted stairs before you can get the "Artifact" to defeat the Evil.

The art is quite good, the music a bit too repetitive (lots of lightning crashes) as you plod through the rooms of the castle, its cellar and its grotto, and eventually even a bit of outlying village and a cemetery (natch). This is a good long game with fairly clear HO scenes and some pretty good puzzles -- there were a couple at the end that are very fun and challenging (fill in all the cubes with one continuous line). No map and a sometimes very obscure "hint" system hinder gameplay -- such as "Grab the book of secrets from the secret room" -- WHICH secret room? There are so many! I also wish the story were a little more compelling, it feels strangely flat.

Finally, the game ends rather abruptly -- but I got the SE version, perhaps the CE version spins a bit more story at the end?

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User review by roseisa


The graphics of the game are easy on the eye, music sets the mood and I did not want the game to end until one mini puzzle that took over 50 FIFTY moves to complete!

That particular puzzle became, was such a frustration that the game lost a 5 five star rating from me.

One nice thing about this game is the extras on the CE version are available from the beginning; you can download the wallpapers etcetera from the beginning.

Storyline is intriguing and despite the one extremely frustrating puzzle, I will be following the series.

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User review by sotong


This would have been a 5 stars game if not for a few flaws that bugged me throughout the game.

Firstly, excellent graphics. The scenes were beautiful and the effects & animation were very good too. Music was alright because it had an eerie feel to it. Sound effects were ok too.

As for the story it was lacking in depth. Once the introductory cut scenes were over, we knew that we had to 'defeat' the evil by finding all 9 of the clan. Hence, it was predictable.

Gameplay was ok but I found it lacked hidden objects scenes. Quite limited considering this was a very long game. Not because it had lots of hidden objects scenes but it was long because the mini-games/puzzles were long & tedious. I actualy found the puzzles were a mix bag of difficulties. Some were so easy to solve while some took forever. Again I did not think they were very hard but because it needed a long time to solve them, thus dragging the game to feel like it was a 'long game'. I was a little disappointed in this aspect.

The hint recharged at an acceptable rate and therefore I have nothing to complain. As for the journal, it was redundant because it was repeating the story. This journal did not include clues to solving the puzzles. In fact, there was a strategy guide link in the game screen serving this purpose.

The voice acting was ok and although they were not that great, they were not annoying. Some of the accents sounded weird and funny too.

Because this game required the player to move back & forth on different scenes frequently, the fast speed in the scene change was satisfactory.

If you are impatient, perhaps you want to press the skip button on the puzzles to quickly progress with the game. But it defeats the purpose if you are tempted to skip the puzzles because the game was mainly made up of these tedious puzzles.

Overall a good game but some improvements are needed.

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User review by Miranda22


This game was very long (I played the SE) and very talky, and a good bit of that talking was mumbo jumbo. I ended up skipping a good many of the cut scenes as the game progressed as it was such gobbeldy gook I got impatient. Plot never made sense in any case, and there is way too much back and forthing, especially at the end. Nothing spectacular about the HO scenes and didn't enjoy the puzzles much either: lots of them are math-based or involve strange glyphs which are hard to see. Some good animated creatures pop up now and then, but whole game failed to hang together and I hurried through at the end with a WT as I was quite bored overall. 3.5 stars

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User review by magfan


I give this game extra credit for including some minigame puzzles that are truly challenging and fun to figure out. For those who can't do them, there is always the puzzle skip (and the strategy guide in the CE). There is a ? in the corner of the minigame interface that tells you the object of the puzzle. One thing I'd suggest to developers is that they include something I've only encountered in the CE of Secrets of the Dark: Temple of Night -- the ability to go back and replay the more challenging puzzles after finishing the game (without having to replay the entire game). There's the tendency to skip puzzles (or cheat to solve them) when they're taking too long -- just to get on with the game. But when you do that, you don't get the satisfaction of solving them. Being able to go back and solve them after finishing the game would help with this.

You get to explore a castle that's full of secret passages and secret hiding places. There are quite a lot of minigame puzzles and the HO scenes are well done. The Hint works outside the HO scenes, though it isn't always helpful. It tells you exactly what to do next -- for example, pick up the __ from the __ room and use it on the __ in the ___. But if you don't know which room is the __ room, you may still be stuck. I prefer the type of Hint that points an arrow in the direction you need to go and lets you discover for yourself what it is that needs doing.

9: The Dark Side took me 4hr 53min to finish the main game and another 1hr 50min to finish the bonus for a total of 6hr and 43min. It would have taken longer if I hadn't used the strategy guide to get the first few moves of some of the more challenging mingame puzzles.

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User review by jones


I just bought the SE and I agree with all of you: great game - I too have skipped a few mini games (just couldn't figure out what to do and didn't want to look at the walkthrough here). The Hint feature fills quickly in advanced mode and is very helpful. The journal not so much, more just to store codes, etc. and give details about each person you meet. At least play the demo, and decide for yourself if the mini-games are worth it (worth a free game token at least).

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User review by boochie54


Really enjoyed this. Other reviewers have done the detail, so I'll just add that I liked the tongue-in-cheek fun the game had with the stereotypes of these 'defeat the unleashed evil' games. One character blurts out you aren't quite what he was expecting as saviour of the world and then tactfully promises to keep your lack of awesomeness a secret. And I laughed when I got a Persistence achievement for repeatedly trying the wrong item in the same place. But the stars of the show are the puzzles: lots of them and several difficult ones that had me running for the strategy guide in full on cheat mode. Great length, graphics and design; the story, though nothing new, was easy to follow without reading pages of journals; and lots of challenges. 4 1/2 rounded up to 5 gladly.

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User review by aitchie


Nice adventure HOG with lots to do and plenty to challenge. Even the bonus adventure was a good length and it didn't force you to play the bonus on a lower less advanced mode which was good.

Well drawn and a good storyline. Puzzles were not that unique but still challenging.

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User review by krystal850


Loved it loved it loved it !! You must re-assemble the nine priests in order to close the portal to the dark side. Awesome artwork and graphics. Long and detailed. great storyline, lots and lots of puzzles that vary in difficulty. I played in advanced and found the challenge level just right. The strategy guide is there if you need it.. and you may need it a couple of times. Really enjoyed the variety of puzzles and the huge assortment of inventory objects. Liked that the music changed with the locations. There is the addition of achivements to achieve which always makes the gameplay more interesting. Very detailed, enjoyable game. It had several extras including an artifact that you actually used. I will say that the voice acting could have used a bit more emotion and the ending could have included a bit more celebration when you completed your quest but those would be minor points in an otherwise superbly well done game. Haven't played the extra yet but I am sure it will be comperable to the main game. This is the kind of game I am always looking for. Great job.

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User review by gobaba


This a very long iHOG and straight up I'm going to tell you the puzzles are a royal beating. It's very well-illustrated, has many scenes, lots of back-tracking, good adventure challenge, good but repetitive music, and lasted about 6 hours, and that's with me throwing in the towel on some of the puzzles. There are many HO scenes which are clear and uncluttered. You will spend most of your time chewing your nails over the puzzles.

Briefly the story goes that you must find all nine medallions to restore order and save the world from evil. There are a lot of cutscenes with characters delivering pompous dialogue that you must suffer through especially every time you deliver a medallion to its rightful place. It's like being in a boring committee meeting you desperately want to escape from.

Hints refill quickly and will tell you the next plan of action. There's no map, the journal isn't helpful, and because of the frequent back-tracking I found the hints very helpful. HO scenes are used only once. You earn achievements throughout the game and they pop up when they occur.

The main game ends abruptly and not very satisfactorily. The bonus game lasts another 1.5 hours and has a more satisfying conclusion but hints at a sequel. Also included in the CE are wallpapers, music, SG and concept art. If you like challenging puzzles, this game is for you. For a more satisfying conclusion,I recommend the CE, but you prolly want to demo this first to see if it's your cup of tea. 4.4 stars

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