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Level 64 video of game play - 4 Elements

Level 64 is the last level in the game.

In the first section of the game the objective is to make matches to fill the Shovel and Bomb power up tools. Then you use the Bomb and the Shovel to clear the first block in the narrow passage. After that you should continue to make matches and charge your power up tools as much as you can.

Level 64 is a very long level. You just have to play through the fields as they come to you and use the power ups when needed.

I have posted a video of the complete game play for Level 64 that is a little over 15 minutes in length. Then I posted two videos of a different time I played Level 64, they are over 7 minutes each.

Good luck!

Level 64 map - in the lower left corner you can click on the MAP button to view a map of the layout of each level. When you click on this button the game will pause while you look at the map. As you go through the level the MAP will show where you are on the map.

4 Elements

Level 64 complete

Level 64 part 1 of 2

Level 64 part 2 of 2

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