4 Elements Level 64

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4 Elements Level 64

What's the objective of this level, 

LeonaD33@aol.com said..

What's the objective of this level, 

The last 2 levels are pretty difficult; the most difficult in the whole game, in fact. The objective of this, and level 65, are to be as insanely fast as you can. Google and you'll find a video of one or both of these levels.


In fact, Level 65 was so difficult, the developer actually issue an update to make it easier, but not by much. After 3 or 4 tries, I sort of gave up and haven't been back to try it again. Did manage to get past level 64 after about 3 tries.


Just keep at it and DO Google for the videos so you have an idea what you need to do...the bottom line is that it needs to be fast. Also, you can pause and look at the map for an idea of where the objective is located.

Thanks so much.  I'll try Google as I am getting frustrated and yelling at my Mouse.



OMG, I actually finished a game that you didn't!!!! Surprised Yipppeeee for me. Laughing Not that it was easy and I did have to look at the video.  Don't know if I would be able to repeat it though.  The quick reflexes required for that level were a fluke and will probably never happen again.  Pretty sure I won't replay it either for that very reason LOL  But will definitely try the sequel.  I'm a glutton for punishment

 4 Elements Level - I was told you had  to charge the spade and bomb.  Then what?  I've acquired both a few times and have blown up some bombs, sometimes tiles appear and sometimes they don't.  How do you continue when you acquire both the spade and bomb.  I can't use the spade at all since I don't have a tile that hasn't been open.  What's the story? 

The only real keys to getting through levels 64 and 65 are pure dumb luck and lightning quick reflexes. Watch the solution videos and hope your boards are set up well, at least for level 64. I never made it all the way through level 65 - it really was punishing, and I gave up after about 3 tries.


I don't think the spade or bomb are going to do you much good, at the beginning of those levels, because you won't have time to use them. Near the end...maybe, unless you're stuck with few matches and you've no where to go. It may just be a case of making tiny little matches, for quite awhile, until you finally luck out and get through to the goal.


I'd like to try the sequel, too, and hope they don't pull the same stuff with impossible levels at the end, again.

LeonaD33@aol.com said..

What's the objective of this level, 

 I have posted a video of the game play for level 64 in the User Tips + Cheats.  I hope it helps!


Level 64 is the last level in the game.


In the first section of the game the objective is to make matches to fill the Shovel and Bomb power up tools.  Then you use the Bomb and the Shovel to clear the first block in the narrow passage.  After that you should continue to make matches and charge your power up tools as much as you can.


Level 64 is a very long level.  You just have to play through the fields as they come to you and use the power ups when needed.  The video I took of the game play is over 15 minutes in length.


Good luck!

Lizzie, I have seen your posts in a few places and your UTube video of Level 63 helped me get through it, but your UTube video of Level 64 is slower than the actual game. Did you slow it down? If so, HOW? If not, I would assume it was just UTube. I have dsl and use a graphics pad and "pen", vertical mouse "stylus. I used Level 63 to practice swiping with it and increase my speed. (I had been touching every icon with it) and that helped, but Level 64 is just too fast for me to get through both the red and green. I downloaded slow.exe and have tried different levels, but no speed change occurs. I sent this game to a relative turning 9 yesterday and I am in despair that it will be too hard for him. It came in a cd called Hidden Gems, sold at Walmart, and apparently it's not the updated version. If anyone knows the url to find that update, could you please pass it on? Thanks very much...Linda H. avonlindahaviland@sbcglobal.net